The best smartphone holder for the car

The best smartphone holder for the car

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The one shown in the photos below is a universal car holder for smartphones.

I have had the opportunity to test the product with iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5 and other LG smartphones. The experience was excellent so much that I decided to buy another one for the second car as well.

Why it is important to have a smartphone car holder

Taking the wrong route costs time, money and pollutes the environment.
A British survey has shown that in 50 years of driving, more than 2,400 euros can be spent on the wrong path.

The fault of the signs, the inexperience of the motorist or the case, the fact is that the investigation conducted by the British insurance companySheila's Wheelsfound thatwhile looking for the right pathyou burn enough fuel that you can travel at least twice the distanceRome - Naples.

The same research revealed that it is men who pollute the most when driving, in fact women, in general, have no problem asking for directions while men would wait more than half an hour after getting lost, and then ask for information.

In this context, the wisest thing to do is to rely on a satellite navigator and since smartphones have one supplied for free (just thinkGoogle Mapsof Android OS and Maps of iPhone OS), why not take advantage of this device to reach the destination smoothly?

In this context it is essential to be able to fix the lo to the windscreen smartphone without impacting visibility and without risking damaging your device.

There are several on the market stand is smartphone holders for cars, many of which are too expensive while others are too cheap.

I have tried several in my life and usually, I must say, with little satisfaction. I have never had good experiences with i car holders for smartphonesbecause I ran into two different problems: the suction cup did not stick well to the glass of the windshield and came off continuously or, again, the fixing system of the same stand left something to be desired making the smartphone at the first hole.

My problems ceased by trying a universal support little advertised and inexpensive ofAukey. The company produces different types but personally I have tried only two taken at the promotional price on Amazon:

Car Holder - Universal Mobile Phone Holder
Price: 12.99 euros with free shipping. Suitable for practically all types of devices.

The best smartphone holder for the car
This is the best product for those looking for a good car holder for smartphones, certainly the value for money is excellent, especially by buying it online. Both car holders for mobile phones are also suitable for mp3 players and GPS navigators.

Among the compatible models marked all iPhones (including 6 Plus with case) Samsung Galaxy s6, s5, s4, Note4, Note 3, Note 2, HTC, Nokia, Blackberry ... it is not necessary to remove the smartphone case to be able to fix the device to the car.

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