How to clean porcini mushrooms from worms

How to clean porcini mushrooms from worms

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How to clean porcini mushrooms from worms: all the tips for to clean at best i porcini mushrooms and get rid of the worms, annoying guests who would otherwise risk ending up in the pan.

How to clean porcini mushrooms

On this page I will explain how to get rid of worms from mushrooms. However, know that most of the dried mushrooms that you find on the market in general, even if of good quality, are given by the fraction of mushrooms affected by worms. In fact, the whole mushrooms are marketed fresh or whole, in tins.

For thecleaning of porcini mushroomsFirst of all, equip yourself with a brush to effectively eliminate all the land in access present on the stem.

When you spot damaged areas, remove them by scraping them off with a pocket knife.

If the porcini still have soil, it should be removed with a damp cloth, passed gently on the surface. Mushrooms, when wet, should be dried immediately. Water is not a good ally: the fungus tends to absorb it and lose flavor. Even some mushroom lovers completely advise against the passage in running water.

In case of obvious holes, the mushroom should be dissected. Indeed, as a precaution, all large mushrooms should be cut in half and checked inside.

In the case of worms in mushrooms, there are those who recommend the porcini mushrooms upside down, placed on a sheet of absorbent paper, to be left with the hat down for a couple of days. After a few days, in fact, the worms should rise along the stem so as to be more easily eliminated. It is a peasant remedy, undoubtedly to try but ... later we will see how to best protect against worms in mushrooms.

Worms in mushrooms, remedies and advice

Let's clear up a couple of things right away, especially if you're afraid of worms: if you do not want to run the risk of pecking some worms, buy "farm mushrooms", perhaps even already cleaned. Usually, the mushrooms that we find on the market come from crops checked and have undergone treatments to avoid the attack of any unwanted guest, including worms.

The speech changes completely when you go to mushroom hunting through woods and countryside. In this context, mushrooms are born and grow in their natural state and it is very easy to peck some fungus affected by worms or molds. Usually, iporcini mushroomscollected in the woods do not look like those shown in the upper basket .... more often they look like those photographed in the bowl shown below, but it all depends on luck and the place chosen for the mushroom hunt! In any case, bringing personally picked mushrooms to the table can give great satisfaction, so it is worth taking the risk of a close encounter with some worms.

THE mushrooms collected in the woods can bear the signs of the passage of snails or even the smallest holes that indicate the presence of worms.

Experts and amateurs of mushroom picking usually keep the intact ones to consume at the moment while using those affected by the worms to dry.

If the idea bothers you, know that most of the dried mushrooms that you find on the market contains worms that are now dead and that do not cause any health problems. For additional information, seehow to dry mushrooms.

How to clean porcini mushrooms from worms

The best method for clean the porcini mushrooms from worms consists in the mechanical removal of the part affected by the larvae. You have to proceed in this way: sections in half the mushroom and remove all the areas that indicate the passage of the worm. If the mushroom is very affected, then, you will be forced to throw it away.

The presence of worms in mushrooms it is indicated by a variable quantity of small holes that can be located on the stem or in the lower part of the cap. When the hole is large and shallower, quiet, it is not a worm but only of a snail that has fed on the missing portion of the mushroom…. in this case go quiet, just wash the fungus thoroughly and possibly remove the most superficial part that has come into contact with the mouth cavity of the gastropod (snail).

How to clean porcini mushrooms from worms, grandmother's remedies

Personally, when I collect mushrooms, I avoid taking i porcini mushrooms that do not look healthy and intact so when I get home and it's time to clean them, I just have to mechanically remove only any affected areas. In any case, speaking with friends and relatives, I became aware of some suitable strategiesremove worms from mushrooms, the techniques that seem more valid are two.

The first solution:

after having split the mushroom into several sections, sprinkle it with pepper which would seem to be irritating to the worms. The worms should be put on the run from the pepper. After waiting for a few minutes, the mushrooms must be washed thoroughly.

The second solution to get rid of worms from mushrooms

The second technique for remove worms from mushrooms it also seems the wisest and consists of cutting the mushrooms and soaking them in cold water and then subjecting the worms to a thermal shock. On a stove you will need to bring the water to a boil: transfer the mushrooms from cold to boiling water, the mushrooms must be blanched for a few seconds. THE worms they will float in the still boiling water when you drain the mushrooms.

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