Dental cleaning in cats

Dental cleaning in cats

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Dental cleaning in cats: how to inculcate in his head what is what to do? How to get them used to doing the dental cleaning? Yet they too, cats, suffer from gum and gum problems periodontitis, of gingivitis but, before that and more frequently of tartar.

A lot of patience is needed, exploiting their habit and gaining their trust, and the dental cleaning in cats it can, indeed, it is better if it is integrated with healthy eating habits that complete the picture of health that we want to give him. And give us, too, because when the dental cleaning in cats is absent, their breath stinks a lot.

Dental cleaning in cats: what to clean

Before understanding the reasons and techniques of the dental cleaning in cats, better know their mouth and then better proceed. Our cats' mouths are small, but they have a very wide opening, which show 24 when they are small milk teeth". When changing them, it is better to check that the milk teeth are expelled before the eruption of the permanent teeth in order to avoid a misalignment of the permanent teeth.

Each adult cat has 30 teeth and they are its fundamental weapons for hunting and feeding. Therefore, the dental cleaning in cats. Slightly smaller than those of a tiger or lion, the cat's teeth are otherwise identical and are divided into 8 premolars and 6 molars, to chop up food, 4 canines, tilted inwards to prevent the escape of the prey, and 12 incisors, for the care of the coat and to clean the bones of the prey.

Dental cleaning in cats: why do it?

Ask yourself why the dental cleaning in cats is the same thing as asking for ourselves, not so much for the cavities, to which they are less prone, but for the tartar. What happens? That when they eat on the teeth, plaque is deposited which within 24 hours turns into tartar if you do not brush your teeth daily.

Without being with the hourglass in hand, but pay close attention to the timing of Dental cleaning in cats: one-off is not valid. In fact the lack of regularity of the dental cleaning in cats involves an accumulation of tartar on the surface of the tooth which presses on the gum. By chewing the pressure increases and the gum is progressively undermined, exposing the tooth more and more. Another reason for the dental cleaning in cats is that the bacteria contained in abundance in tartar can colonize the gum or the tooth itself, causing the onset of abscesses or periodontitis complete with pus and blood.

Maintain healthy teeth thanks to regular and correct dental cleaning in cats decreases the possibility of contracting unpleasant infections of the oral cavity. Thanks to the fact of being decidedly carnivorous, cats have few cavities because they ingest little sugars but tartar does not spare them at all, together with the consequent awful breath.

If tartar comes to cause periodontitis, you will come to regret having neglected the dental cleaning in cats, us and them, Because this infection causes pain and makes eating very tiring: yet the cat is hungry and does not stop meowing and complaining. Another bad consequence of tartar is its reaching the hematogenous path with bacteria and giving rise to lesions in other organs.

Dental cleaning in cats: how to proceed

It is very much a matter of habit being able to and knowing how to carry out thedental cleaning in cats, power because many cats, not liking an oral invasion of our hands, will not make life easy for this maneuver. If you can put it in his head as a child that it is for a good purpose and for his own good, you can then get a relatively small, quite sociable and cooperative kitten. This does not at all mean that the dental cleaning in cats it should not be done gradually, without immediately putting your fingers in his mouth, catching him off guard. And we risking to take a bite.

For start dental cleaning in cats it is necessary to make them feel our hands close so that they do not feel them as a threat. Dipping your fingers in a tuna-flavored can helps. The second step of the dental cleaning in cats it is getting a little garzina, always seasoned with tuna, or the animal's favorite food, and to pass over the teeth, as if it were a living toothbrush.

At this point we are ready for the dental cleaning in cats real, with the special toothbrush heads for cats, to put on the finger like a thimble, and toothpaste. Be careful, be it for cats: some substances from humans, such as xylitol and fluoride, are harmful to our animals.

By practicing dental cleaning in cats you will see how to move the toothbrush at an angle of 45 degrees, with rotating and then vertical movements, to remove the plaque from the interstices between one tooth and another. Everything is to be repeated a couple of times a week, but when you do the hand, it is not so much a business, it may take a couple of weeks or a month, but then the cats, terrible habits, they will almost become addicted: same time same gestures, and it will become a ritual.

If there is no way to convince them, and if you are not convinced that you are more stubborn than your cat friend, which is very likely, knowing these felines, it is advisable to go to the veterinarian. In the presence of brown spots of tartar on the teeth or gums are red and bleeding, he will evaluate whether or not to subject the cat to an operation dental cleaning which removes tartar under general anesthesia.

Dental cleaning in cats: role of nutrition

The diet of domestic cats, often based on wet foods, is the main responsible for the formation of tartar. So it implies the need for one dental cleaning in cats to avoid annoying inflammation of the oral cavity, such as gingivitis or stomatitis. You can first replace wet food with dry food, to avoid serious problems dental cleaning in cats: on the market there are crunchies or products suitable for preventing the formation of tartar. It also helps but does not replace the use of chew toys.

Not for vice but for dental cleaning in cats, also a diet enriched with biscuits and dry snacks that help eliminate plaque. Real bones, on the other hand, can be dangerous and should not be used to help clean teeth.

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