Scented breath, natural remedies

Scented breath, natural remedies

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Anyone who suffers from bad breath knows how embarrassing it is to be faced with this problem! Unfortunately, following proper oral hygiene is not enough against bad breath; there are serious diseases, which also have bad breath among their symptoms.

If it comes to digestive disorders or liver problems, we will show you how to have one fragrant breath thanks to natural remedies.

Scented breath, useful tips

  • Dental floss every day

Brushing your teeth is part of the daily routine, but not everyone uses dental floss. If not used, the food stays between the teeth and feeds the bacteria in the mouth.
When brushing your teeth, don't forget your tongue: use a special toothbrush for this purpose and prevent bacterial plaque from forming.

  • Water consumption

Dehydration is one of the main causes of bad breath. It is important to drink two liters of water a day to avoid bad breath. Water removes bacteria from the mouth and, if you spend a lot of time without drinking water, they reproduce freely. The more water you drink the more saliva you have. This is good because saliva can also help eliminate bacteria. Being rich in oxygen, saliva makes it difficult for bacteria to survive and proliferate.

  • Foods rich in zinc

Regular consumption of products such as nuts, organic meats, seeds and cocoa can help to have a fragrant breath due to the zinc contained in these foods; avoids excess bacteria in the mouth.

  • Probiotics

A digestive system that does not work well becomes loaded with toxins that after a while cause bad breath. To avoid this unpleasant problem just include probiotics on a regular basis in your diet.
Those allergic to dairy products can take probiotic supplements that are readily available in health food stores.

  • Balanced diet

A diet low in carbohydrates, fats and proteins will promote good breath. Among the foods to include in your diet we have:
Fruits and vegetables with a crunchy texture are excellent because they clean the teeth and tongue naturally as they are eaten.

  • Smoke

Smoking is an unpleasant habit that not only makes the teeth yellow and dry the mouth, but also causes bad breath. The nicotine residues that remain in the mouth go to the blood vessels and limit the production of saliva… and if you don't produce enough saliva, the bacteria in the mouth will increase.
These are simple tricks that will allow you to always have thefragrant breath, but be careful it is good to make regular visits to the dentist.

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