White disease of roses, prevention and treatment

White disease of roses, prevention and treatment

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White sickness of roses:effective products to treat the white sickness of the rose. Remedies for powdery mildew, causes and treatment. From natural remedies to the most effective products.

All information on how to cure the white sickness of roses. L'powdery mildew it is a disease that attacks roses especially in spring and is easily cured.

Sore white or powdery mildew of roses

Among the most common infestations that affect the rose figure thebad white, also known aspowdery mildew. Thebad whiteis a fungal disease that attacks young shoots. It develops in conditions of high humidity and temperature. If you haven't done a correct one for a long timepruningto your rose bush, it will be more prone to contracting fungal diseases.

Infections ofwhite pain of the rosethey can be contrasting by resorting to one or more interventions and on this page we will see which ones.

Powdery mildew or white sore, symptoms

If you have noticed the white mold on roses, there is no doubt. It is aboutpowdery mildew. In this paragraph we will give you indications onhow to recognize the powdery mildew of the rose, from the firstsymptoms of white sore, until the appearance of the typicalwhite mold.

Just look at the branches, leaves and buds. The leaves, in particular, appear entirely covered by white mold, become blistered, shrivel, yellow and finally dry out, leading to an early fall. Observing the buds of the roses affected by bad whitethe sepals covered by the white mold, while the flowers struggle to hatch: they do not hatch at all or remain much smaller than normal.

Bicarbonate against white sickness

If the disease is found in the early stages, natural treatment with may have some effectivenesssodium bicarbonate.

How to use bicarbonate against powdery mildew?Make an aqueous solution of 30 grams of sodium bicarbonate and 1 liter of water.

Spray the liquid on the parts of the plant to be treated. The sodium bicarbonate treatment should be performed on sunny days. It is a natural remedy indicated for any fungal disease, even in case of black spots on the leaves of roses (scab). More than for treatment, baking soda is recommended for the prevention of fungal diseases, so apply it, with a light heart, also on other plants sensitive to fungal diseases that thrive in the flower beds adjacent to those of roses.

Products against the white sickness of the rose

The most used products for the treatment of thewhite pain of the rosethey are sulfur based, in this case I suggest you stick to the doses prescribed on the label.

If you already have a wettable sulfur-based product at home, use that as well! If you don't have it and you have to buy it, I suggest you get something formulated for roses.

Among the fungicides on the market, I point out the"Baysol"by Bayer, which can be bought on Amazon at a price of € 15.49 with shipping costs included. For all information on the product against powdery mildew just mentioned, I refer you to"This Amazon page".

It is a fungicide indicated for the treatment ofbad white of roses and othersfungal diseasesincluding scab which is manifested by the appearance of black spots on the leaves of roses.

For the treatment ofbad white of rosesjust spray the spray product on the plants to be treated and repeat the treatment against thepowdery mildew of the Rose after 10 - 15 days depending on the extent of the infestation.

The one just mentioned is not the only product against powdery mildew, it is simply a very effective systemic fungicide and has already been tested by our editorial staff. For the sake of completeness, we point out that there is no lack of market proposalsproductsin powder, always based on sulfur, which must be dissolved in water. In this case, you will get a higher yield because with a few grams of product you can get many liters useful for carrying out the treatment.

If you have a lot of flower beds affected by powdery mildew, you will want to purchase a powder product to dissolve in water. TO "this Amazon page"You can find all useful fungicides.

In general, all fungicides effective against white sickness can also eliminate diseases such as rust, gray mold and black spots and offers protection from other fungal attacks.

Powdery mildew, prevention

The products indicated can be used in early spring as a means to prevent the white sickness of the rose but, for prevention, you can prefer natural remedies based on bicarbonate.

Diseases of roses

Roses are constantly exposed to different illnesses, from insect infestation a fungal diseases. In this article you can find remedies against powdery mildewbut for other frequent rose diseases such as:

  • Adifi of the rose
  • Buzzer
  • Downy mildew
  • Leaves with holes
  • Leaves with black spots
  • White mold

You can find the natural remedies on the dedicated page:diseases of roses.