Cut grass, how to get rid of it?

Cut grass, how to get rid of it?

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The moment of mowing arrives and the question is always the same: cut grass what to do? Burn it, compost it or transport it to the nearest disposal point? Well, since burning unleashes the ire of the neighbors and that to compost you need a composter, you just have to get rid of thecut grass transporting it elsewhere in the least inconvenient way.

On the market there are very practical big bags for garden waste that can contain a large amount of cut grass and be loaded into the car. If you don't have a van, which is true for most of us, the trunk of the car will suffice. A lot of those we talk about can hold up to 270 liters of cut grass (let's do 270 to avoid mistakes) and with a set of 3 bags you can get rid of the mowing of a nice piece of lawn. All for less than 25 euros (which is the cost of a set of 3 big bags of garden waste).

Set of 3 bags for garden waste

L'cut grass it can be left on the lawn as fertilizer, but only if the cuts are frequent and the length of the scraps does not exceed 3 centimeters; otherwise you have to collect it with a grass rake and discard it to avoid creating the annoying felt effect. This is more likely from September onwards when the temperature drops (slowing the decomposition of residues) and in rainy periods. In the presence of a lot of humidity, the only one cut grass that it is good to leave on the lawn as fertilizer is the millimeter mowing of garden robots.

Another way to dispose of cut grass is mulch, which can be done with cut grass accumulating it in a 4-5 cm layer at the foot of trees, shrubs and the winter vegetable garden (to mulch the synergistic vegetable garden in summer it is better to use straw). It protects the crops from the cold and if you put it in autumn it has time to decompose, turning into fertilizer.

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