How to save energy at the point of sale

How to save energy at the point of sale

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How to save energy at the point of sale is the theme of the third edition of Retail Energy Milan - May 27), an event dedicated to the control of energy performance within the store.

The 2015 edition program includes 4 parallel sessions organized in:

  • 3 technical sessions (free) dedicated to the world of Retail Energy, Food Energy and Retail Design.
  • 1 Premium Conference (for a fee) on the purchase of electricity and gas, and in particular on how to renegotiate supply contracts on the stock exchange. Participants will be provided with the tools to save in the purchase of energy, but also to analyze the risks of the various purchasing methods.
  • 3 round tables on energy performance, air conditioning, refrigeration and lighting of the store.

During the event also the Retail Lighting Award, the competition for the lighting project that was able to combine savings, color rendering, customer well-being, enhancement of products and the various areas of the store.

Retail Energy, which registered more than 200 participants in the last edition, is organized by the International Research Institute-IIR, company specializing in the design and organization of conferences, training courses and personalized advice for companies and professionals.

Retail Energy 2015

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