Ecological tires: how to recognize them

Ecological tires: how to recognize them

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Buying car tires online is easy. Buy ecological tires it is a must. Today, thanks to the new European labels, it is possible to verify with certainty the Fuel efficiency class of every tire.

The classes provided and indicated on the label are 7 and class A indicates the most efficient tires, and therefore more environmentally friendly, while class G indicates the least efficient ones.

The efficiency level is calculated on the basis of CO2 emissions in grams per km traveled, which give rise to the following 7 bands:

  • Class A tires: CO2 emissions less than or equal to 120 grams per km
  • Class B tires: CO2 emissions between 121 and 140 grams per km
  • Class C tires: CO2 emissions between 141 and 155 grams per km
  • Class D tires: CO2 emissions between 156 and 170 grams per km
  • Class E tires: CO2 emissions between 171 and 190 grams per km
  • Class F tires: CO2 emissions between 191 and 225 grams per km
  • G-class tires: CO2 emissions exceeding 225 grams per km

Buying a class A tire over a class G tire, in addition to reducing pollution for the same number of kilometers traveled, can save up to 7.5% in terms of fuel consumed.

However, it is clear that these comparisons are assumed by leaving unchanged important parameters such as tire pressure, the weight of the vehicle with the occupants, the conditions of the road surface and driving style.

The new labels also provide guidance on tire noise level resulting from the rolling measured in decibels, through three semicircular bars.

The labels they present a single black colored bar they indicate low-noise tires, with an acoustic pollution value at least 3 decibels lower than the pre-established European limit.

Two black colored bars indicate a tire with noise pollution between the European limit value and 3 decibels of difference.

Two black colored bars indicate a tire that does not comply with the new noise level set at European level.

The label of a medium noise tire

The third element of great importance indicated on the label is that referred to braking distance: also in this case they are provided 7 classes, from A, the most virtuous with the shortest braking distance, to G.

In this case, it is information that has nothing to do with ecology or savings but which can clearly save lives or avoid an accident.

A saving in terms of carbon dioxide emissions but also a saving in terms of cost for the end user is obtained by purchasing tires online so as to eliminate a step in the production chain, passing directly from the distributor to the end user, skipping the transport to shopping centers and workshops.

THE tires available for online purchase are all those of the best brands, such as Pirelli, Michelin, Continental, Good Year, Dunlop, and the order provides for the satisfied or refunded clause, to be exercised within the first 30 days of purchase, and a 5-year warranty on the absence of manufacturing defects.

THE tires purchased online they also report a number through which it is possible to trace the estimated date of production with the guarantee that this does not exceed 12 months. In this way you avoid buying tires that have been in a warehouse for too many months, with the risk of decreasing performance.

Delivery costs are included in the price and the tires are delivered within 48 hours of placing the order.

For a further savings you can take advantage of tire offers, without ever renouncing all the guarantees and characteristics of maximum performance mentioned above.

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