Broad beans, properties and information

Broad beans, properties and information

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Therebroad beanis a very ancient legume, originating in the Mediterranean regions and consumed by man already with the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans who appreciated itspropertynutritional.

The consumption ofFava beansit was very common and massive until the mid-1500s. As with other foods, with the Renaissance and the arrival of new cultivars in Italy, several changes in trend were observed. Once theFava beansthey were as widespread as beans, in fact with the arrival of beans from the Americas therebroad beanhas lost popularity: the same fate as the now rareparsnip.


Broad beans, legends and… favism
Despite the splendidpropertyof theFava beans, this legume is connected to the world of the dead. In 500 BC, theFava beansthey were linked to macabre legends and were frowned upon.

According to a legend, Pythagoras himself, fleeing from the henchmen of Cilone of Crotone, preferred to be caught and killed rather than to escape through a field of beans.

Even today, in many places, there is the tradition of consuming bean soup in the first days of November, a period dedicated to the cult of the dead.

These traditions, probably, were born due to a genetic anomaly calledfavism.

Thefavismit is quite widespread in southern Italy and Sardinia; this genetic anomaly consists in the enzyme deficiency glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase,insufficiency that causes the breakdown of erythrocytes (red blood cells) following the intake of Fava beans. Typical symptoms of the favismare anemia, paleness, hemoglobin in the urine and an enlarged spleen. Thefavism it can cause levels of anemia of varying degrees to the point of eliminating, within a few hours, 50% of the red blood cells in circulation.

Broad beans - Property

TheFava beansthey are legumes with a good protein and fiber content. They are cholesterol-free and very nutritious. Thedried broad beanshave a calorie content over 8 times higher than that ofdried broad beans. The nutritional composition ofFava beansfresh see, for 100 grams of product:

  • Water, 83.9 g
  • Protein, 5.2 g
  • Lipids, 0.4 g
  • Cholesterol, 0 g
  • Fiber, 5 g
  • Calories, 41 kcal

Dried broad beans - Properties

Thedried broad beanshave peculiar nutritional properties that see a composition, per 100 grams of product:

  • Water, 11.3 g
  • Protein, 27.2 g
  • Lipids, 3 g
  • Cholesterol, 0 g
  • Carbohydrates, 54.8 g
  • Fiber, 7 g.
  • Calories, 341 kcal

How to grow broad beans
Broad beans, plants belonging to the legume family, are annual vegetables originating from Asia. They suffer from heat, while they can withstand the cold well and grow well in temperate areas. For information on thecultivation of broad beanswe refer you to the articleHow to grow broad beans.

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