Harley Davidson electric motorcycle

Harley Davidson electric motorcycle

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Italian motorcyclists will have the chance to make their voices heard and shape Harley-Davidson's first electric motorcycle thanks to the tour of theproject LiveWire Experiencewhich in 2015 will arrive in Europe, including Italy.

TheProject LiveWiredebuted last year in the US and thanks to the enthusiasm generated, even motorcyclists from Asia, Europe and Canada will have the opportunity to ride theHarley Davidson electric motorcycleand provide a firstfeedback. The opinions of motorcyclists will directly contribute to the development of the project. Project LiveWire will allow you to touch the first firstHarley Davidson electric motorcycle. The first appointment is set at the Sapang International Circuit in Malaysia.

Project LiveWire offered new perspectives on the meaning and essence of a motorcycle HarleyDavidsonHarley-Davidson Chief Marketing Officer Mark-Hans Richer said.

The first phase of the Project LiveWire Experience tour provided valuable feedback on the characteristics and expectations of motorcyclists towards a Electric Harley-Davidson. This year we are extending that experience to a global audience to gain even more detailed information, provided by the same riders who are helping shape the path and future of this exciting technology.

When we talk aboutProject LiveWirewe are not just referring to a tour or a program, we are talking about the firstHarley Davidson electric motorcyclewhich, according to the manufacturer, is not intended for sale but specifically designed to meet the expectations of motorcyclists regarding a Harley Davidson electric vehicle.

The goal of the Project LiveWire Experience tour is to invite customers to try theelectric motorcycle, learn more about its history and provide an opinion on this experience. Project LiveWire will also host simulated driving for all through the Jumpstart demo.

When will the Harley Davidson electric motorcycle be marketed?
Although the manufacturers claim that Project LiveWire is not intended for sale, it must be said that the release on the market of a first Harley Davidson electric motorcycle depends on the success of this tour and above all on feedback from motorcyclists. Harley Davidson itself lets us know that future predictions on the “Marketing of Project LiveWire will be affected by feedback provided by riders during the Project LiveWire Experience tour“.

It is possible to try the Harley Davidson electric motorcycle in Italy?
Yes. There is a selection open to all motorcyclists from Europe, including Italians, who can apply to ride theHarley Davidson electricin one of the fixed locations. The appointments also see an Italian stage. In detail, the stages of the Project LiveWire Experience tour see:

  • Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 May 2015 - United Kingdom
  • Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 June 2015 - France
  • Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 July 2015 - Italy
  • Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 July 2015 - Germany
  • Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 August 2015 - Holland

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