How to prune the lemon tree

How to prune the lemon tree

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If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful lemon plant in your garden or terrace, know that this citrus fruit needs care so as to bring fresh lemons to the table when needed. In addition to giving you splendid fruits for your culinary experiments, the lemon tree makes your home more beautiful thanks to the splendid white flowers that bloom in spring and early summer.

Like all plants, even the lemon requires pruning that must be done 1-2 times a year; it is a necessary operation to ensure that the plant grows strong and bears fruit in a luxuriant way. In this regard we will show you how to prune the lemon plant by giving you all the necessary instructions.

Pruning the lemon tree: why?
As we have already mentioned, pruning allows the plant to become stronger thanks to the cutting of those dry branches and other parts that "suck" energy from the plant, preventing it from becoming productive and luxuriant. Therefore, in addition to giving a correct shape, pruning is necessary to give air to the branches that are too intricate, which prevent the passage of the sun and therefore, by shading one another, do not allow fruiting.
It should also be added that good pruning allows a certain balance in the plant between vegetation and fruit.

How to prune the lemon tree, types of pruning

  • Training pruning: it is performed on a young tree, and which will serve to give an adequate address for fruiting
  • Production pruning: it is performed on trees that are already large and serves above all to eliminate those branches that have already borne fruit: in this way the lemon will give larger fruit even if in less quantity.

How to prune the lemon tree, the procedure
Lemon pruning can be done between the end of winter and the beginning of spring, in practice in the periods when there is less risk of frost but in any case before the plant has flowered. If necessary, you can also practice a second pruning in September.
To prune the plant you will need to get a ladder and shears; done this in detail how to proceed.

  1. First, remove the suckers and suckers, i.e. those parts of the plant that suck energy without producing fruit
  2. At this point, thin out the branches that intertwine too much, the dry ones and those broken. For more information, we recommend reading the article "Thinning pruning"

Useful information: then there is the individual case, where specific targeted pruning interventions are required to promote the well-being of the lemon tree. In this case you will need to consult an expert on the subject.

How to choose the scissors for pruning lemons

There are many types of scissors on the market, from traditional ones with curved blade, to pneumatic or ratchet scissors. Each type of scissors is well suited for pruning some tree species and others a little less. For more information, please read the article:pruning shears, tips for choosing

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