How to clean windows with potatoes and onions

How to clean windows with potatoes and onions

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Clean the windows with potatoes and onions it's one of those things they would never think of doing. Yet it works. Also very good. The slightly acidic substances contained in the pulp of the potato and onion exert a delicate cleaning action that rivals the best glass cleaners. Finally, a damp cloth is wiped and that's it.

How to clean windows with potatoes and onions

Let's start with the potato. Which must be raw. Get a ripe one at the right point (that is not green or too hard) and cut it in half. Whether the cut is long or wide, it doesn't matter, the important thing is that the potato can be held firmly in one hand because you have to pass it over the glass.

The action must be gentle but also energetic to remove greasy stains and fingerprints from the windows, sideboards, furniture, cabinets and anything else you need to clean at home. Once the entire surface of the glass has been thoroughly degreased, just finish the job with a soft damp cotton cloth. Et voilà

Let's move on to the onion. Which in the case of very greasy glasses and with many fingerprints can work even better. The procedure does not change: cut an onion in half (white or golden ones are better than red onions) and pass it on the glass as you would with a sponge. Then wash the windows normally with a damp cloth, taking care not to leave any residue.

Do you want to be completely do it yourself? After cleaning the windows with potato or onion, use newspaper to rinse instead of cotton cloth. Crumpled into a hand-sized ball, newspaper is much more effective on glass than any disposable rag. And if you want a superfine result, use microfiber cloths (there are excellent ones on the market) which have the advantage of being washed and reused.

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