Install a photovoltaic roof, all the info

Install a photovoltaic roof, all the info

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How to install a photovoltaic roof: prices, available technologies and permits to ask for. Tips forinstallation of photovoltaic panels on the roof.

If theroofof our house is well oriented and with a space free from shadows, it can be exploited forinstall a photovoltaic system.

Orientation of the photovoltaic roof

Install a photovoltaic roofit is feasible when it is possible to install solar panels facing south (ideal orientation) or south-east or south-west, and with an inclination of 30-35 °.

Photovoltaic roof, how much surface do you need?

In general, it can be said that the footprint required by a 1 kWp photovoltaic system is about 8 square meters if we are talking about a sloping roof and 25 square meters if it is intended to proceed with installation on a flat roof.

When making all assessments, evaluate the potential performance of yoursphotovoltaic roofhelping you with atlases and estimates of the annual sunny days of your geographical position.

There are also severaltypes of photovoltaic systems. These differ according to the type of roof and technology (integrated photovoltaic, photovoltaic tiles, photovoltaic roofing, support panels ...)

Photovoltaic system on pitched, butterfly or flat roof

In the case of pitched roofs, thephotovoltaic roofit is installed on the facade with the greatest sun exposure. In the case of flat roofs, it is common practice to geometrically distribute the solar panels over several rows, suitably raised and arranged towards the sun so as to maximize the radiation captured by the modules. More complex speech when it comes tobutterfly photovoltaic roof.

In all cases, the clean energy produced is greater the more the plant enjoys a favorable exposure to the sun.

To maximize the uptake of solar radiation, more and more photovoltaic modules with solar tracker are being designed and manufactured, ie able to adapt the inclination of the photovoltaic panel according to the inclination of the sun's rays during the day and the season. The solar tracker can only be installed in the case of a flat roof, it must be excluded with a pitched or butterfly roof or in the case ofintegrated photovoltaic.

Another constant lies in the arrangement of the components that make up aphotovoltaic roof:only the solar field (the real ones forms photovoltaic) is located externally on the roof, while the regulator, inverter and accumulators are typically installed in technical rooms specially prepared and connected to the domestic meter.

Integrated solar roof

In case of particular architectural and / or landscape constraints, it can be considered aintegrated solar roof, or again, in the event of a refused permit, it is possible to appeal to the Regional Administrative Court in order to proceed with the installation of thesolar roof with tiles or red photovoltaic.

Theintegrated photovoltaicit is one of the most innovative types of solar systems. Integrated photovoltaics make use of building materials which, on the facade exposed to the sun, integrate more or less evident photovoltaic modules. In this context we mention products such as photovoltaic coatings, walkable solar tiles or the photovoltaic tiles themselves, latest generation building materials, capable of incorporating photovoltaic technology directly into the roof covering.

Install a photovoltaic roof in protected areas

All information in case of installation of a photovoltaic roof on a building of historical and artistic interest, are contained in the article "Landscape clearance for photovoltaics "

Photovoltaic roof, Prices

In the article "How much does a photovoltaic roof cost?”We looked at a case of "excellence" with aphotovoltaic roofable to produce 5,000 kWh of clean energy per year with an initial investment of about 10,000 euros for the purchase of high-efficiency panels, supports, technical equipment and to cover installation costs.

Estimate the initial cost of aphotovoltaic roofit is a very difficult operation, in part it depends on the quality of the modules, their efficiency, the inclination of the roof, the type of supports needed and again on the complexity that the installation requires. The installation of a photovoltaic roof is an intervention that can access the so-called "eco-bonus" with tax deductions of up to 65%.

An excellent strategy is to consult several installers to request a free inspection with a detailed estimate: in addition to installation costs, the type of inverter, the presence of accumulators and the type of solar panels must be evaluated.

Photovoltaic system on the roof of the condominium

Forinstall a photovoltaic system on the roof of the condominiumthe majority vote of the Assembly is not necessary even if the roof is a common part. The law, in fact, allows theinstallation of a solar system on the condominiumby a single condominium who, before proceeding with the work, must notify the condominium administrator (written and detailed).

According to current legislation, the individual condominium can install photovoltaic modules on the common roof by allocating the production of electricity for private use. The only constraint lies in the area to be occupied: the installation of the solar system on the roof of the building must not"Prevent other condominiums from making use of the common thing as well",therefore, space must be left so that other condominiums, if they wish, can install their own photovoltaic system.

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