Lexus NX Hybrid, the hybrid suv

Lexus NX Hybrid, the hybrid suv

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There NX Hybridis the branded hybrid suvLexuswhich is presented to the public with prices starting from 39,800 euros, a smooth ride and reasonable consumption.

Aesthetically theLexus hybrid suvimpresses with its large front grille made almost sharp by the protruding lines and angles formed by the LED headlamps. The lower edge of the bumper is shaped like a blade, in line with the muscular body of the entire car. Some might turn up their noses a bit looking at the large space between the wheel arch and standard tires, even on the more expensive versions like the sameNX Hybrid F Sport(cost from € 52,800) which offers standard 18 ″ rims.


The bodywork is characterized by a series of edges immediately followed by flat surfaces, it is the sharp contrast desired by the Japanese Lexus designers that reaches its peak at the rear of the car. The prominent wheel arches require the choice of larger rims, impacting on operating costs (greater maintenance and above all higher fuel consumption), the sills that stand out at first glance are also important.

Goodies to report on Lexus hybrid suv: the car has 90 LED lights, among these there are also integrated in the handles that have the retractable lock.

Being an SUV there is no lack of on-board spaciousness. The rear seats are easily accessed even if two people fit comfortably (the third will have to squeeze a little!), Even those who sit in the back have the ability to adjust the angle of the backrests.

The seats in front are shaped and the important central tunnel is immediately noticed. The system ofinfotainment with optional navigatorit is managed by a knob while the more practical touch pad with a plate (on which you can also write with your finger!) is provided only on theLexus NX Hybrid Luxury(price from 54,800 euros). The knob is quite simple to use, the controller moves on the cardinal and oblique points and selected the choice you will have to press hard to confirm.


Among the top versions, the Lexus NX Hybrid F Sportwhich combines the power of a 2.0 petrol engine with two electric engines capable of guaranteeing all-wheel drive. The maximum power developed by the gasoline engine alone amounts to 114 kW (155 hp) but with the addition of the two electric engines, the total power rises to 197 hp (145 kW).

Lexus NX Hybrid - Price list
Thepriceof the Lexus NX Hybridstarts at € 39,800 for the entry version up to € 54,800 for the top-of-the-range model. Theprice listofficialLexussees:

  • Lexus NX Hybrid 2WD, cost from 39,800 euros
  • Lexus NX Hybrid 2WD with Executive set-up, cost from 42,500 euros
  • Lexus NX Hybrid 4WD, price from 44,500 euros
  • Lexus NX Hybrid 4WD, version F Sport, cost from 52,800 euros
  • Lexus NX Hybrid 4WD with Luxury set-up, price from 54,800 euros


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