How to raise laying hens outdoors

How to raise laying hens outdoors

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How to raise laying hens outdoors: a short guide that will allow you to raise laying hens on the ground, with the "free range“.

In theoutdoor breeding,laying hens have a shelter sheltered from the elements, equipped with feeders, troughs and nests. In addition to hospitalization, thehens raised outdoorsthey must have ample space to scratch around. With the right "education", thelaying hens reared outdoorsthey will soon learn to lay eggs in the nest, without breaking them.

L'outdoor chicken farmingis a very common practice inpermaculture. Thelaying hens, once they reach the age of 12 months, their production capacity begins to decrease and, in the industrial sector, they are sent to the slaughterhouse. In abreeding of laying henscarried out in a family setting, the replacement of less productive laying hens can take place once a year between September and October; however, many breeders prefer to keep them as pets rather than "retire" one-year-old hens and agree to collect fewer eggs.

If the eggs are intended for self-consumption (and not for sale), a small farm of "old laying hens "will always be able to meet the needs of an entire family, even for more than 3 years. You can learn more in the article dedicated to how look after the hens.

The bestbreeds of laying hensthey manage to lay a large number of eggs. Among the various breeds of laying hens (better definedlaying hens), we point out the hens Livorno, Hamburg, Redcap, Campine ... whoever wants raise white egg henscan opt for the Lakenvelder breed. In the home it is also possible to start abreeding of laying hens in the garden.

Thehens raised outdoorscan scratch and feed on what nature provides: seeds, insects, earthworms but also small lizards or snakes but hardly, in aoutdoor farming, thelaying hensthey manage to self-feed without administering further feed. For further information, please refer to the article:Feed for chickensit's still,How to raise laying hens on the ground.

How to raise laying hens outdoors

To breed thelaying hens outdoors, the same rules apply as for the breeding of classic hens; Following the instructions contained in the article "How to raise chickens" you will have laying hens capable of laying one egg per day for about 19 months.

Forto breeda group of 10laying hensand a rooster, a shelter of 4 square meters and a large space where thehenscan scratch.

  • set up a 4 × 4 shelter
  • buy 10 laying hens aged about 4-5 months
  • leave the hens closed in the hen house for about a week, during this period the nest must not be accessible to the hens
  • on the eighth and ninth days, allow grazing in an enclosure
  • on the tenth day, allow free grazing from morning to sunset
  • after a month open the nest, the laying hens will start laying eggs and will give you fresh eggs for another three years
  • if the hens do not lay the egg in the nest, collect the egg and replace it with a vase or a bulky stone
  • do not let the hens graze in the morning, it is at this stage that the hens lay their eggs. In the seventh month the egg production should be at least 30 percent, which means that you can collect at least 3 eggs per day.

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