Read the Enel meter, the guide

Read the Enel meter, the guide

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Read the Enel meterit allows us to better understand the contract with the electricity supplier and to use appliances and other electrical appliances more rationally. TheEnel countercan be read directly fromdisplaypressing the appropriate side button.

To best explainhow to read the Enel meterwe will refer to some images made available by the the photo above, here are the parts to highlight for thereading the Enel meter.

1) The display
2) The Read Button
3) The Consumption Indicators
4) The device for controlling the supply of electricity
5) The optical interface

If ondisplaythe L1 symbol appears (bottom left), the counter works normally. If a triangle with the point pointing down and an exclamation point appears, and there is no power in the house, you will need to contact assistance at the fault reporting toll-free number that you will find in your bill.

If the consumption indicators are flashing, it means that the house is using electricity. Conversely, if the lights are solid, in theEnel counterGEM *, there has been no electricity consumption for at least 20 minutes.

* The model name of theEnel counterthey are located on the license plate just below the display.

Read the Enel meter, the instructions

Press theread buttonso as to show on the display, in order:

  • 1. The customer number
  • 2. The current time slot
  • 3. The instantaneous power (the kilowatts taken at the time of reading on the display, is a useful parameter to see how much electricity is consumed in the house with "those" certain electrical appliances active), the data is updated every 2 minutes
  • 4. The reading of the relative energy and power totalizers for each time band.
  • 5. Reading the current and previous billing period. The time bands are indicated with the initials A1, A2 and A3 respectively for F1, F2 and F3.
  • 6. The maximum power of the current and previous billing period. In this case the time bands are indicated with the abbreviations P1, P2, P3.

Read the Enel meter, energy introduced and withdrawn from the grid

The bidirectional electric meteryou read as described above, in addition, this counter gives you information onenergy bought by Enel and that sold in the network.

In this case we speak ofbidirectional electricity meterand is distinguished by two arrows placed on the plate data (the one under the display and circled in orange in the photo below). Forread the bidirectional Enel meter, refer to the icons shown here.

Which of your appliances consumes the most?

If you were wondering how to read the enel meter to trace the real-time consumption of an electrical appliance, know that the enel meter is not the only way. A more reliable way to know the actual consumption of a device is to use a wattmeter, a device that can be bought in shopping malls for 20-30 euros.

On Amazon, an efficient Power Consumption Meter is offered at a price of € 15.13 with free shipping. With this device it is possible to measure the electrical consumption of a single household appliance or of several devices connected to the Meter with a multi-socket.

The use is simple: just hook the appliance to this appliance and then fix it to the classic household electrical socket: on the device display will be identified electrical consumption in watts and an approximate conversion to economic consumption with the actual price of the electricity required by that appliance. device.

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