Vegetable juices, all recipes

Vegetable juices, all recipes

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Vegetable juices: cucumbers, spinach, beets, cabbage, parsley, celery, lettuce ... there are many vegetables that can be used to prepare excellentgreen centrifuged!

We have already proposed many ideas for fruit and vegetable juices, pineapple-based juices, carrots, ginger juices and delicious melon-based drinks (melon juices).

THEvegetable juicesthey are particularly energizing, have an antioxidant action and have other purifying properties.

Today we offer you some recipes of the so-called "green centrifuged“, As always we remind you that it is possible to vary the quantities according to your taste preference.

This first vegetable juice it is an energetic and purifying mix. For the preparation you need:

  • Five large spinach leaves
  • A centriole
  • Four stalks of celery
  • Four leaves of romaine lettuce
  • Four leaves of chard
  • Four daughters of cabbage
  • An apple (or a pear)
  • One lemon
  • A handful of parsley

Peel the lemon. Put all the ingredients in the centrifuge and run the system.


  • a sprig of spinach
  • a cucumber with the peel
  • a stalk of celery + the leaves
  • an Apple

As with all centrifuged, just put all the ingredients in the centrifuge and start it! The centrifuged obtained has a digestive, purifying and thirst-quenching effect.


  • Two carrots
  • An Apple
  • A stalk of celery + the leaves
  • Four leaves of spinach

A mix of essential vitamins for our body.


  • An Apple
  • Half a tomato heart of ox (half a large tomato)
  • A cucumber

Given the seasonality of the ingredients, this centrifuged is particularly suitable for summer!

Othersgreen centrifuged

  • A bunch of spinach
  • A handful of cabbage leaves
  • Two green apples
  • Four mint leaves
  • Four slices of pineapple

For the preparation ofcentrifuged you should never use pineapple in syrup, you must always use fresh fruit in order to take advantage of its purifying and detoxifying properties.

Other ingredients for the preparation ofcentrifuged vegetablesare: red cabbage (combined with apple!), fresh ginger, black cabbage and curly kale.

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