How to grow lavender on the balcony

With its wonderful lilac-colored flowers, lavender heralds the arrival of summer. In this regard we will illustrate you how to grow lavender on the balcony, following our instructions.

Lavender flowers are harvested at different times depending on their use: for herbal use they are harvested at the beginning of flowering, while for the cosmetic industry and perfumery in the period of maximum flowering.

How to grow lavender on the balcony, useful information

  • Lavender prefers areas with strong sun exposure
  • It does not need a lot of water. So much so that in southern Italy it also grows spontaneously in stony soils
  • It can't stand water stagnation so make sure the soil has good drainage
  • It does not like clayey soils or even excessively acidic ones, while it prefers calcareous ones
  • You can take cuttings from an existing plant in spring or at the end of summer: just take some lateral branches, which you will root in a pot filled with peat and sand.

How to grow lavender on the balcony, the procedure

  1. Get a large vase
  2. Pour in some good soil interspersed with expanded clay
  3. Mix everything and transplant your lavender plant
  4. Place the pot in the sunniest area, so that it can enjoy the warmth especially in winter.
  5. After planting your lavender, water regularly until it is full - you will need to significantly reduce the amount afterwards. Water should only be administered in case of too dry soil

How to grow lavender on the balcony, pruning
Lavender must be pruned after the end of flowering, therefore in autumn: all flowering stems must be eliminated and the plants topped. The weakened plants are pruned more drastically, leaving only a few cm of stem.

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