Saving energy in the company with energy management

Saving energy in the company with energy management

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Saving energy in the company you can, just combine simple rules of behavior with the choice of efficient tools and systems for managing consumption.

He talks about it to Energy Management Conference on 3 July in Milan, a unique conference in terms of content and full of ideas which is aimed at people interested in various ways in knowing how to reduce energy consumption with a decisive cut in bills.

The event tackles a sensitive but often overlooked issue in every business with a practical and easy approach: how to save energy in production processes, to reduce costs and free up resources for the business.

The themes developed and presented by the sponsors during the event are those most felt by the energy managers and cover the entire spectrum of business needs:

  • assessment of energy consumption and identification of areas of energy saving in the company;
  • the tools of energy intelligence (measurement, monitoring, management) and energy management;
  • the weight of IT in the company's energy balance: how to save energy in the datacenter, in the IT infrastructure and peripherals
  • how to optimize i energy consumption in HVAC-R systems (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration).

TO Energy Management Conference we talk about energy efficiency understood as saving and self-production of energy. For example, cogeneration systems for on-site self-production of the electricity needed by data centers and industrial plants: a solution that more and more companies are considering.

Participation in the Energy Management Conference it is free for all visitors who register online and refreshment and information services are provided. The event is sponsored by the ANIE Energia, Agesi, asoRinnovabili associations.

The agenda of the conference, information on the speakers and companies present in the exhibition area are available on the Soiel International website.

IdeeGreen is media partner of Energy Management Conference.

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