Flies, natural remedies

Flies, natural remedies

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You are invaded by flies in home? In the article we will show you how to get rid of it with natural remedies; chemical methods are also effective but are harmful to both human health and the environment. Let's see in detail how to get rid of flies, following our instructions while respecting nature.

Flies natural remedies and hygiene

  • Eliminate all kinds of food scraps
  • Sweep the floor every time you clear the table
  • Never leave unwashed dishes in the sink
  • Take out the trash regularly
  • Regularly clean the dustbin with vinegar and sprinkle a little dry soap inside
  • Always throw away food that pets have not eaten and clean the bowl regularly
  • Make sure that the fruit in the kitchen is always fresh, gradually eliminating the one that tends to ripen quickly.

Flies natural remedies
Below you will find some natural and no-cost remedies to contain the infesting presence of flies

-In the corners of the house
Put a bowl with black pepper and vinegar in some corner of the house or alternatively some lemon slices with cloves stuck in the pulp

-On the windowsill
Place a mixture made of pepper, sugar and water spread on a strip of paper on the windowsill of the kitchen.
Get some basil and tansy plants and place them near the driveway or above the windowsill.

-To hang in any room
Hang a mesh bag containing cloves and dried basil in every room of the house

- Natural repellent spray flies
Leave a few mint and eucalyptus leaves to macerate in a little white wine vinegar; you will have a natural repellent that you can spray in the various rooms of the house

Flies natural remedies and ultrasound
As an alternative to the remedies listed above, you can solve the problem of flies in a decisive way, using an ultrasound device. It is a small device that emits high-frequency sounds, keeping away not only flies, but also ticks, cockroaches and mosquitoes.
The range of action of the appliance is 100 square meters, it can be placed in the home environment and does not involve any contraindications for human health.

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