How to reclaim eternity, all the procedures

How to reclaim eternity, all the procedures

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An asbestos roof that disperses fibers above the values ​​allowed by current regulations must be reclaimed by specialized people, in order to ensure maximum safety for the environment. In this regard we will illustrate you how to reclaim eternit following the procedure based on the type of intervention to be applied.

How to reclaim eternit, remediation criteria
The remediation intervention must be done as we have already mentioned, exclusively by qualified personnel who use ad hoc technologies to ensure an effective result.
There are 3 asbestos remediation techniques recognized by national law and must be applied based on certain degradation criteria:

  • if it is a friable material
  • if on the surface there are leaks of fibers
  • if there are flaking, cracks or breaks
  • if there is friable or powdery material towards the water drains, gutters, etc.
  • if there is powdery material conglobated in small stalactites towards some dripping points

How to reclaim eternit, removal procedure
The asbestos slabs must be completely removed together with the fixing nails, being very careful not to break the slabs.
Once removed, the sheets must be wrapped in polyethylene film of adequate thickness and labeled.
They will then be sent to an authorized landfill together with the material used (suits, filters, vacuumed material), which is also bagged and sealed.
Total removal is a procedure that involves a high risk for the workers involved and produces significant quantities of special waste that must be properly disposed of.

How to reclaim eternit, encapsulation procedure
The remediation consists of a special asbestos treatment with penetrating or covering products: the asbestos fibers must be encapsulated, forming a protective film on the exposed surface. The treatment must be done with suitable equipment in order to prevent the release of asbestos fibers into the environment. The risk to workers is generally less than removal.

How to reclaim eternit, confinement
The remediation consists in the installation of a new covering above the asbestos-cement one: in this case, even if no encapsulating treatment is performed, the release of fibers continues but only within the confinement. Compared to encapsulation, this remediation procedure has the advantage of creating a shock resistant barrier. Attention, with this procedure periodic checks and maintenance will be necessary, since the asbestos remains in the buildings: it is essential to ensure that the barrier installed for confinement is always kept in good condition. Compared to the other two interventions, it has a lower cost.

How to reclaim eternit, certification
At the end of the reclamation work, it will be possible to certify the returnability of the reclaimed environments by the officials of the competent ASL in order to ensure that the areas concerned can be safely reoccupied.

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