How to clean the garden

How to clean the garden

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Poor hygiene is never a tempting sight, not even in garden! This is why we will see today how to clean the garden: from the maintenance of the equipment to the renewal of the plants, because you know ... who is trying to understand how to clean the garden, in reality, he wants to renew flower beds and vegetable garden so as to give a new life to the outdoor space.

How to clean the garden, the steps

  1. Cut the weeds
    First, get rid of all weeds. In this regard, a lawn mower could be useful in the case of large gardens or a brush cutter when we are talking about small or cluttered gardens (fences, furniture, tables, games for children…).
  2. Eliminate dry plants
    Eliminate all woody or damaged plants.
  3. Create a path
    To make yours garden more orderly you could try to make a path.
  4. Clean driveways
    Take care of cleaning the entrance and driveways of yoursgarden using a pressure washer; there are many companies that rent high pressure cleaners for a few euros. A pressure washer can also be useful for cleaning fences, fences, walls, railings and gates.
  5. Clean the street lamps
    Carefully clean street lamps by rubbing the entire surface with a cloth soaked in water in which you have dissolved a universal detergent. When cleaning the street lamps, remember to disconnect the power supply.
  6. Renew the railings
    The railings need cleaning but also maintenance: after cleaning them, remember to arm yourself with anti-rust and paint to refurbish any signs of wear.
  7. The vases
    Identify the plants that need repotting and operate it according to the most appropriate period for the cultivated variety. Remember to clean the containers (vases and saucers).
  8. Barbecue and benches
    Remember that in the garden cleaning that of its furniture must also be included: benches, tables, barbecues…. when cleaning the barbecue, remove the cooking plate and immerse it in hot water. After soaking it for a while, it will be possible to continue washing by scrubbing a brush with stiff bristles.
  9. The edging
    Once you've finished cleaning, start refreshing the flower beds and add a nice border as a finishing touch.
  10. Cleaning the tools
    Before placing tools in the utility room, clean shovels, spades, rakes and hoes. For this you can use a brush with steel bristles.


How to clean the garden, useful tips

  1. All waste products from your garden (pruned branches, dry plants, mowed grass…) must be collected with an iron broom, placed in a wheelbarrow and properly disposed of.
  2. Those who do not have a wheelbarrow can collect the waste products in large tarpaulins and perhaps send them to the compost heap.
  3. Those who want a tidier and more beautiful garden can set up a raised garden.

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