Grow melon, how and when

Grow melon, how and when

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How to grow melon: the ideal time for grow melon, the care to be dedicated to cultivation of melon and all the instructions to start the cultivation of melon starting from the seed.

To start an amateur cultivation it is good to choose carefully the variety of melon from cultivate. Based on the geographic region of belonging, it is good to ask your trusted nurseryman for the most productive variety; if you wanted to start a cultivation of melon from seed and you are in possession of the classic pre-packaged sachets, check the date of packaging: the seeds that are too old struggle to germinate. When buying, choose a thermally protected sachet of seeds. A variety that can be easily grown from seed is the netted melon, a highly productive plant.

The netted melon produces medium-large fruits with a round or elongated shape. Each melon, at the peak of its development, reaches a weight of about 1.8 - 2 kg. The skin is thick and has a marked netting. The pulp is fleshy, orange in color and is very tasty.

When to grow melon
The period of sowing, thinning, transplanting and harvesting varies according to your geographical area. Generally it can be said that sowing can be started indoors in February and March, while sowing can take place in the open field in April and May. The transplant or planting should be carried out between April and May, so who decides to start the cultivation of melon starting from the map you can buy it and bury it in this period. The harvest begins in June and can go up to the months of July and August.

In more rational terms, it can be said that the best time to sow melons is early spring, when temperatures have exceeded 23 degrees.

How to grow melon, step by step

  • Sowing must be done in soil for sowing (particularly soft). Sowing can be started in the seedbed in March, in the open field in southern Italy it can be sown in April and in the north you will have to wait until May. The ideal temperature for sowing in the open field is 25 degrees.
  • After sowing it will be necessary to wait for the germination period and when the seedlings have developed sufficiently you can continue with the transplant.
  • The exposure must be sunny.
  • Melon plants need to be transplanted well spaced. At a distance of 100 cm from each other.

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