Iron: how to clean the soleplate and the boiler with vinegar

Iron: how to clean the soleplate and the boiler with vinegar

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The iron, one of the most commonly used appliances in the home, requires adequate maintenance to ensure functionality, performance as well as limiting consumption. The maintenance of the iron consists ineliminate limestone formations that accumulate within the boiler and in cleaning the plate. Let's see in detail what the cleaning the plate and the boiler in the iron carrying out a series of simple operations that adapt to all types of irons.

It should be noted that a lack of maintenance of the iron inevitably involves a limitation in performance, in terms of heat transmission as well as the fact that ironing becomes more tiring than normal, requiring a greater amount of time.

Iron, cleaning the carcass with white vinegar and water

The first operation to do on the iron is the general operation of the external casing, simply using a cloth moistened in a solution of hot water and white vinegar. Then wipe with a dry cloth and make sure that the iron is perfectly dry.

Cleaning the iron plate with vinegar

To clean the plate just get a non-abrasive sponge and natural ingredients available at home. Here is the procedure

  1. Prepare a solution made of vinegar and coarse salt
  2. Apply on the iron plate by rubbing with a sponge until the iron plate is shiny
  3. Remove any possible salt residues with a damp cloth
  4. Wipe with a dry cloth and make sure the plate is perfectly dry

As an alternative to vinegar, we can use the lemon: just cut the citrus fruit in two and rub on the plate with the inside, then rinse with a damp cloth. Finally wipe with a dry cloth.

Cleaning boiler iron with water and vinegar

  1. Fill the boiler of the iron with a 50% solution of water and vinegar
  2. Heat the iron boiler and once it is hot, drain the water using steam
  3. Let the iron cool down and then empty the boiler thus freeing it from limescale
  4. Repeat the operation but the solution should be 90% water and 10% vinegar, repeating again until the limestone from the iron no longer comes out.

Shooting iron cleaning, useful precautions

Clean on average once a month but in case of greater use it is advisable to clean them more frequently.
Use distilled water for the daily use of the iron: the boiler will certainly last longer.
When cleaning the soleplate, make sure that the iron is cold and not plugged into the socket

Products for cleaning the plates of the iron

Among the home remedies those dedicated to cleaning the iron plates they are really numerous. We can say goodbye to classic detergents, even if there is no lack of ad hoc products on the market.

Among the natural products, in addition to vinegar, I point out the bicarbonate: you can use it to clean the plate by pouring a small amount onto a sponge or a microfibre cloth. To facilitate cleaning, the plate should be hot, but not hot. I also recommend that you always unplug before starting cleaning.

To proceed, you must heat the iron only slightly and rub an abrasive sponge on the plate, if it is too damaged. Otherwise, you can only wipe with a microfiber rag together with the baking soda: at the time of the operation, make sure the plug is disconnected from the power supply.

Among the specific products for cleaning the plates there arestick whose use is very simple: just rub them on the plate to be cleaned and then remove the residues with a dry microfibre cloth. The sticks give off a terrible smell of ammonia which is not only unpleasant but inhalation is not even safe for our health. To clean the plates of the iron you can use the classic dish detergent or, again, there are specific wipes for cleaning the plate.

They are difficult to find on the market, even these are easy to use: they get wet, form a very light foam, pass on the iron and remove the dirt. These wipes should be used after each use of the iron in order to have the plates always shiny and clean. The Impregnated Iron Cleaner Wipes are offered on Amazon at a price of 3.29 euros with free shipping.

Also on the market, you can find an interesting paste specially made to clean the iron: find more information, data sheet and price by following this link.

Ordinary maintenance of the iron: what to do and what not to do

In addition to worrying about cleaning the plate and the boiler, I would like to remind you below some good rules to follow regularly to keep your iron in excellent condition:

  • Theironit should be cleaned with a damp cloth after each use
  • Avoid using water with a high lime content
  • For irons with vaporization chamber do not descale with external products, many models of this kind have the self-cleaning function (in this case check the instructions)
  • Do not pass theironabove buttons andhinges.
  • Empty the tank after each use and keep it upright for a short time until the moisture has completely gone out
  • If you need to iron a synthetic fiber garment, separate the hot plate of the iron from the synthetic fabric by placing a sheet or cloth over the garment to be ironed.

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