Dyes with yarrow

Dyes with yarrow

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Among the various natural dyes,today, we will tell you about theyarrow. To produce theyarrow tincturethe whole plant is used and must be harvested in the hottest months of the year, generally July and August. In pharmacies and in some specialized shops it is possible to find theyarrowdried.

Theyarrow, scientific nameAchillea millefolium, grows on dry meadows and on the edges of paths and roads. Its leaves are jagged and it is characterized by small white or pink flowers, arranged in the typical umbrella shape (corymbs).

Theyarrowit is also popular among medicinal plants. Popular culture attributes many properties to this herb, it seems that theyarrowmay include considerable haemostatic virtues and in addition it would be able to relieve back pain. In the Middle Ages it was customary to hang a branch ofyarrowat the window to counter the contagion of the plague; of studies on the properties ofyarrowmany have been made, some have conflicting opinions ... what is irrefutable are the aromatic properties of this herb: the dry yarrow,thanks to its scent, it can be used to deodorize rooms in a natural way.

Thereyarrow tinctureit can be used to color fabrics and wool. Thanks to yarrowyou can prepare themdyesin shades of yellow, moss-green and dark green. For the preparation of thenatural coloryellow, you can make a color bath for 100 grams of wool with ease.

It starts by putting 200 grams ofyarrowchopped and dried. This pulp must be heated and brought to a boil for about 2 hours. Before proceeding it will be necessary to wait until the mixture has cooled down.

For thepreliminary etching100 grams of wool with 15 grams of alum must be boiled over low heat, then the already mordered wool will be boiled over low heat and this time for an hour. Before adding thenatural yarrow dye, it will be necessary to rinse to eliminate any residues. At this point, 10 grams of macerated madder are added to the color bath already used.

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