Energy Management Conference

Energy Management Conference

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Energy management is the conscious use of energy, energy management it is the path towards energy efficiency. But what are the energy efficiency tools in the company? What skills are needed? And how to recognize and evaluate these skills? In an in-depth conference the answers to these questions.

Alla Energy Management Conference on 5 December in Padua the comparison between supply and demand for tools and skills for efficient energy management, a market that is becoming increasingly important, enriching itself with new players from the world of renewable energy and IT solutions that support the energy manager.

Energy management is the path of energy efficiency in the company from analysis to intervention, energy management of the data center, buildings and systems, measurement and monitoring of consumption, environmental sustainability and the efficiency of the IT infrastructure.

Alla Energy Management Conference on 5 December in Padua a round table between energy managers with the participation of Giuseppe Melissari Energy Manager of Lottomatica, Riccardo Tardiani Energy Manager responsible for the atmospheric pollution protection and energy saving office of the Municipality of Verona, Andrea Tomiozzo EGE industrial sector certified UNI-CEI 11339, Gianmaria Zanni, Group Energy Manager AFV Acciaierie Beltrame, Francesca Zanoni, Energy Manager Valerio Catullo Airport in Verona Villafranca, Alessio Nava, director of IT and telecommunications division of Rittal.

The conference onenergy management has the patronage of FIRE, the Italian Federation for the Rational Use of Energy with its SECEM system for the European certification of energy managers, of ANIE Energia, of asoRinnovabili (born in 3013 from the merger between APER and ace Solare) and of association of AGESI Facility Management and Energy companies.

Energy Management Conference addresses the corporate theme of sustainability as a result of energy saving and efficiency policies and behavior. Energy has long been considered a fixed cost by companies, but its growing weight and greater environmental sensitivity make it today a priority-opportunity to face and manage.

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