How to plant the peach tree

How to plant the peach tree

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How to plant the peach tree: the complete guide tocultivation of peach trees in pots or gardens. From planting to cultivation, from care to harvest.

There fishing, a tasty fruit that comes from a beautiful delicate pink flower. A magic that is renewed every year, as if to welcome spring: a few days and then the petals fall and the fruit develops from the heart of the flower. There are so many reasons forcultivate the peach tree in potor in the garden: either for its wonderful flowers, or for its fruits, the peach tree is a very welcome plant.

If you have a garden of medium or small size, you cannot fail to take advantage of it and plant a peach tree: it is among the fruit trees that do not need much space. The peach tree is a beautiful plant to look at, with fragrant flowers and good fruit. If taken care of properly this plant will give you a lot peaches to be consumed fresh, in jam or preserves, such as the classic peaches in syrup.

How to plant a peach tree

The peach tree, as well as theapricot tree, is a plant with a contained development. The same rules for theplanting of the peach treethey can be applied for apricot.

Peach and apricot, in fact, are medium-sized plants that never exceed 5-7 meters in height. Even if they have no special needs in terms ofcare, have particular needs in terms of climate:

  • they fear late frosts
  • they fear strong winds
  • they fear cold winds
  • they want warm ground
  • they want light and rich soil

If you want plant a peach tree or a apricotbehind a neighbor's wall, pay attention to what the law says! Information on the minimum distance to be respected is contained in the article: how to plant a fruit tree.

When to plant the peach tree, period

The peach, like any fruit tree, it canto plantin autumn or spring. Maybe you can take advantage of the still mild climate of mid-seasons to plant thepeach tree. The peach tree will take 1-2 years for fruiting.

The best time to plant a peach tree in the fall:

  • from September to October, in Northern and Central-Northern Italy
  • from October to November, in Southern and Central-Southern Italy

When to plant a peach tree in spring?

  • between March and April in Southern and Central Italy
  • between April and May in the North and Center-North

In the spring, beforeplant a peach tree, make sure that the risk of late frosts has passed. Frost can damage the blooms. In addition, the peach tree is a plant that needs a mild climate to produce fruit, therefore, those who live in the North will have to choose a more cold-resistant ecotype or an ornamental variety, in any case it is possible to cultivate the peach tree in pots so as to move it in sheltered position in the coldest periods of the year.

How to grow peach trees

There peach cultivation it does not require special care, just choose the position in which to plant ours peach tree, bearing in mind that it needs a good portion of soil to take root and develop in height.

It is also good to make sure that, especially young specimens, they enjoy a healthy and nutrient-rich soil, as well as the optimal climatic conditions to develop.

The climate is of considerable importance, heat peaks or frosts can compromise the development of peach, for this reason, cultivation in a mild area with good air circulation is recommended.

The location should be in full sun.

But let's see in detail how to grow the peach tree starting from planting. Here are all the helpful instructions forcultivate the peach tree.

How to plant the peach tree

Here are the details of theplanting.

  1. Once you have identified the right place to plant it, dig a hole deep enough to easily accommodate the roots: if the plant was purchased in the nursery, the burial point is indicated with a colored sign
  2. Break up the bottom of the hole by moving the soil with the help of a spade or hoe
  3. Lay down the roots, apply a layer of fertile soil, over the turf grass and then over a layer of fertilizer and more soil
  4. Wait for the sun to go down to water the peach tree

Useful information: after the planting take care of the peach tree more frequently by performing periodic tying and pruning at least in the first 2-3 years: it is important to pay the utmost care to the peach tree for at least the first years for the purpose of a good harvest of peaches.

Peach tree in pot

Some varieties lend themselves particularly well tocultivation in pots and we're not just talking aboutornamental varietiesbut also from fruit. In the articlepeach tree in pot, cultivation and care, all the details are given for growing the peach plant in pots.

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