Pedal assisted bicycle

Pedal assisted bicycle

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A pedal assisted bicycle it is distinguished from classic conventional bikes by the presence of a battery and an engine that provides electric traction, the so-called "assisted pedaling. Thanks to the electric drive, any cyclist - even the most out of shape - will be able to travel steep climbs without sweating too much like an employee, aboard a pedal assisted bicycle, can arrive in the office in his dry, fresh and clean work clothes!

Technical innovation continues to improve the world of pedal assisted bicycle until it reaches remarkable performance. With the spread of lithium-ion batteries, the pedal assisted bicycles they can offer an electric drive range of over 80 kilometers. Many electric bicycles are equipped with a braking energy recovery system, the electric motor is powerful enough to allow the transport of the "cyclist" but not powerful enough to require a driver's license, insurance, license plate and road tax - the speed limit for one pedal assisted bicycle is 25 km / h.

Many car manufacturers have shown interest in the car industry pedal assisted bicycle up to developing the first prototypes or proposing models on the market, it is the case of Mercedes with its eBike Smart and BMW. Peugeot, Audi and Opel presented their prototypes but no hint of a possible commercialization.

In Italy the electric bikes are still struggling to spread and yet there is no shortage of local companies in the sector that offer different models of pedal assisted bicycles, this is the case of the LEOS eBike, which is also popular in the United States. EcoSport electric bikes and the beautiful Velorapida.

Velorapida is a line of bikes in assisted pedaling produced entirely in Italy and equipped with a 250 watt engine and a battery that offers a range of 60 kilometers. Velorapida differs from the market of pedal assisted bicycle for its style: at first glance it is almost impossible to discriminate a pedal assisted Velorapida from a conventional bike! Battery and electric motor are there but not visible! The same strategy was also adopted by BMW who proposed pedal assisted bike sober and more similar to traditional bikes than e-bikes. A much more striking aesthetic was chosen by Mercedes to market the Smart eBike, on the market since summer 2012.

In China the pedal assisted bike it has replaced conventional bikes, scooters and in many cases, even cars. Meanwhile, ebike designers and manufacturers make their presence felt by offering more and more innovative bikes.

Ok, if there pedal assisted bicycle it's so popular, why don't you or your neighbor still own one?
The problem is essentially linked to the price. The pedal assisted bicycles which offer interesting performances, with excellent autonomy and short recharge times, still have prices too high, however, one pedal assisted bicycle first generation can be purchased with a budget of 200 euros.

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