Thinning of plants, driving

Thinning of plants, driving

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With the approach of summer it may be necessary to practice the thinning of plants in your own green space; it is a cultivation procedure that consists in eliminating excess seedlings. Generally, at the time of sowing, more than one seed is put in as germination is not 100% guaranteed.

To be sure of a certain amount of seedlings, we "over-sow", with the result that we end up with 2-3 seedlings in the same place. The thinning of plants becomes a fundamental operation to be carried out for the purpose of safeguarding the plants themselves, if there are too many of them in a small green space: they need the necessary space to grow and develop in a luxuriant way without having to compete for water, light and nourishment.

Thinning of plants, how to avoid this practice?

  1. Directly sow the seedlings in single containers instead of placing lots of seeds in larger containers
  2. When the first leaves appear on the seedlings, move them to individual containers
  3. Put 2 seeds in the center of each jar, thus avoiding proceeding at random: when it comes to very small seeds such as chamomile or strawberry seeds, the operation becomes complicated and it is for this reason that you end up with seedlings of too much.

Thinning of plants, useful information

  • Since during the practice of thinning we can compromise the development of the plants we intend to keep, proceed with great caution
  • Thin out as soon as possible: better not wait for the plants to grow
  • Water well before thinning procedures
  • While you are thinning, remove the weaker plant in favor of the more robust and healthy
  • Use scissors for smaller plants, cutting them at the base: be careful not to tear them because you could damage the roots of the one that remains

Thinning of plants, pots with more seedlings
Sometimes it can happen that some seeds have not germinated, therefore some containers remain empty but there may also be jars with 2-3 seedlings. In this case, the excess plants can be used to fill the empty jars. What to do? Remove a plant very gently, trying to disturb the remaining plant as little as possible, then transplant it into the empty jar. Water immediately afterwards and keep the plant out of the sun for a couple of days.

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