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Ecological house and sustainable architecture

Ecological house and sustainable architecture

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Aecological house, more than any other structure, in architecture, it needs great attention to design. Designing an ecological house is by no means a simple task: you have to carefully choose the materials (e.g. biocompatible coatings), take care of their orientation, geometry, pay attention to shading, choose suitable solutions to avoid thermal bridges and carry out a greater sizing of transparent surfaces taking into account the exposure and internal zoning of the premises.

The Orientation of Ecological house
Given that the specific construction position cannot be ignored, it can be stated, generalizing, that oneecological houseit must have 30-40% of its gross surface facing south in order to maximize solar radiation in winter and avoid overheating in summer.

The ideal isolation ofEcological house
Aecological housemust guarantee the lowest energy expenditure, maintain "of course"an optimal humidity gradient, as well as being perfectly thermally insulated. Building aecological housemust aim at eliminating thermal bridges and maximizing insulation by enhancing the building envelope. In this context it would be appropriate to provide a coat on the external walls. The isolation of aecological houseit's not just about walls and ceiling. The ideal insulation of a building must include a slab against the ground.

The energy sources of oneEcological house
A photovoltaic roof is just one of many options. Aecological housecan take advantage of a wide range of solutions that use clean energy. Here are some examples:

  • Solar chimney for optimal air exchange
  • Solar powered shutters to adjust shading
  • Adhesive photovoltaic panels for direct energy production
  • Solar boiler for water heating
  • Solar Thermal System for home heating
  • SolarCooling system for room cooling

The role of home automation in oneecological house
In aecological houseHome automation can play a fundamental role: programming and automation - prerogatives of home automation technology - can guarantee considerable energy savings.

The ideal lighting in onehome ecological
With the'sustainable architecturethere is a tendency to lower the consumption of artificial light by exploiting the natural light produced by the sun. It is incredible how light conditions can affect the living well-being of an environment. In the attic you can benefit from the light that comes from above by installing roof windows. This is the zenith light, a light that is less influenced by the orientation of the room and which illuminates the environment in depth, increasing its comfort.

Skylights, roof windows and large windows can reduce the energy consumption associated with artificial lighting to a minimum, plus, if wisely installed, the fixtures can help save on air conditioning systems. The windows on the façade, combined with the roof windows, if placed in the same room, activate the chimney effect, excellent for saving on air conditioning: the warmer air, lighter, comes out of the roof windows recalling the fresh air from the outside.

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