Big world, small planet. To be saved

Big world, small planet. To be saved

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Big world, small planet, great risks, small actions, but numerous and constant, to avoid them and save the beauty that has remained on Earth. How to do it, if there is still time, is written in the book published by Ambiente editions by title "Big world, small planet. Prosperity within planetary boundaries”By Rockström Johan and Mattias Klum.

“It's time to turn the page”Say the two, the first scientist, the second photographer and director, and for us who care about our future, but also that of those who will come, it's time to read their pages. Initially the horizons drawn are not particularly bright, but they are real horizons to take note to turn.

Today we are more than seven billion and who in one way or another, we risk compromising the natural systems of this Big world, small planet on which we "happened". Or is this more than anything else Big world, small planet which has so far unfortunately happened into our hands. We can redeem ourselves and with a mix of science, images and well-intertwined stories, "Big world, small planet"After having" thrown us in the face "today, tells of a possible tomorrow and a little brighter.

In fact, there is a new development paradigm that we can adopt, there are recent discoveries, well explained in this volume, which in addition to the need also illustrate the possibility and opportunities of a different future. A future of, as the subtitle says, "prosperity in the planetary boundaries ".

Until now, almost everywhere, economic growth and human development have occurred at the expense of the environment, but Rockström and Klum, in words and images, with concrete facts and scientific data, they respond to the pessimists, to those who are supporters of the “now” theory or who raise the challenge to the next generations.

They "place" their 200 pages in our hands and pass pages and invite us to take in hand not the future of this big world, small planet, but at least of the microcosm in which we act, choose and contribute, for better or for worse, to the construction of a future. Catastrophic or cathartic.

Bed "Big world, small planet", You will be convinced that we still have the extraordinary opportunity to join a Good anthropocene, so I recommend this injection of optimism, a realistic optimism that adds that "we need a radical transformation of ways of thinking". To start this planetary metamorphosis and individual, let us be helped by a book like this.

First he tells us about the great challenge, then the change of mentality inevitable, to prepare for, loading us as on a runway at the airport, ready for take-off, towards the section dedicated to sustainable solutions which, look a bit, often come from nature. It is really a big world little planet, it's ours: let's love it. And the book, let's read it until the epilogue, deserves.

For those who are ready for a little "down" of awareness, to then face the propulsive launch towards a radical change, conquering a role in the mission of saving the "Big world, small planet”That we are lucky enough to live in, the book is available and pleasant to read even for those who in life have never thought of saving the world by studying science. Sometimes, just doing, and reading, the right thing, to help out.

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