Bassethound: character and price

Bassethound: character and price

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Bassethound, a dog that Great Britain and the United States quarrel, for the beauty and for the sympathy it emanates: both want paternity. Yet the selection was initially made in France. To get the Bassethound at least in name, the French word joins "Bas" (basset), and from the English word "Hound" (hound). The unknown of the homeland to assign to him remains.

Bassethound: origins

French hunting dogs, in fact, e Bloodhound, united they have recently given birth to the race of Bassethound. We see that there are the "bassets" among his ancestors: they are dogs with dwarfism of normal size, but with short and twisted limbs. They are different from dachshundswhich are all small and that's it: the bassets, and a little bit also the Bassethound, they are of medium-large size but with short legs.

The bassets from which the Bassethound are the Basset d’Artois and the Normand, both today called Basset Artesien Normand. Selected in France, the breed was imported to England in the nineteenth century and officially recognized in 1883 English Kennel Club. As soon as the United States discovered it, they took over the selection and now they want to conquer the nationality now defined hybrid Anglo-American even if the latest standard is English and dates back to 1977.

Bassethound: characteristics

The Bassethound is known for his excellent nose and is noted for the short, for this reason it has always been used to hunt animals from burrows such as fox, hare, pheasant. Her long ears they are another reason for pride and recognition, and allow him to better perceive smells useful for his hunting and truffle hunting purposes, for example. Short limbs with very long nails also help him to get into burrows or bushes.

Deriving from the basset, the Bassethound it has short legs but a normal body, is about 33-38cm tall and weighs 30 kg, the females a little less, the males a little more. The bone is very heavy compared to its general build, it has a broad, strong, straight back and a domed head. The snout of the Bassethound it is not pointed but gaunt and ends with a completely black nose unless the dog has a light coat then it can be brown or liver colored.

The ears are a sign of recognition of the Bassethound, as well as long they are also very soft, the eyes are brown, tending to hazel if the coat is light, never protruding or sunken but with a serious and calm expression. The tail is carried like a saber, cannot be curled and is long. The coat, smooth, short and adherent, can be tricolor, white and orange or white and lemon but for the Bassethound all the colors of the Hounds are allowed.

Bassethound: character

She has a calm and patient disposition, affectionate and joyful both with children and with all other people: the Bassetohound it is a perfect pet dog and today it is used above all in this way. It is a very affectionate but equally stubborn dog, it has a hierarchical conception but it is stubborn and always gets what it wants from almost anyone.

The Bassethound he has great resistance and also resists being devoted to his master, is constant in his primary affections and binds himself to the host family in an incredible way. Those who have it can only say that the Bassethound proves a exceptional companion for long walks, but also for long "divanate" because its lazy moments are not rare. So funny, original and peaceful, children love it and take it for a cute stuffed animal.

Bassethound: breeding

He was born in Great Britain, or in the United States, and a little bit also in France, we said, but not in Italy. Yet of Bassethound there are numerous farms. It is a fairly trainable dog even if it is stubborn, it is very popular and widespread thanks to the many TV series and films in which it has appeared, as well as in successful TV commercials. Farms benefit a lot every time.

Bassethound: price

Everyone wants it, everyone pulls it by the "jacket" but the Bassethound remains a dog available at an affordable price. A puppy of Bassethound it can be found quite easily even in Italian farms and the scarce competition means that the price remains "human" around 700 euros, up to a thousand, but by looking well you can stay on the three figures in maximum safety.

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