Fungal diseases in the vegetable garden

Fungal diseases in the vegetable garden

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Fungal diseases in the vegetable garden: the most effective and permitted remedies in organic farming for the treatment of the most common fungal diseases that attack the garden.

Thefungal diseases, better definedcryptogamic diseases, cause a lot of damage tovegetable garden, to the point of decimating the harvest. In this article we will see how to treat them naturallyfungal diseases in the vegetable gardenexploitingremediesallowed inbiological agriculture.

Thecryptogamic diseasesthe most common that attack the vegetable garden and garden are downy mildew and powdery mildew, however, the remedies described on this page can counteract the development of all fungal diseases, even the less known ones.

To counteract thefungal diseases in the vegetable gardenin a natural way, it is possible to sprinkle a horsetail macerate on the cultivation. Horsetail is a plant with natural featurespropertyfungicides. Other products widely used for the treatment offungal diseases in the vegetable gardenare those based on sulfur and copper, these are not remediessystemic, therefore, once sprayed on the plant they remain on the surface and do not penetrate into the fruit or into other plant tissues and the residues of these treatments can be easily eliminated by washing. This is why it is possible to apply these products also inbiological agriculture, because they do not damage the crop in any way.

Verderame or Bordeaux mixture

Known asverdigrisorBordeaux mixture, it is a product based on copper and lime. Lime is added fordampenthe caustic properties of copper and to allow the metal to adhere better to the surface of plants. Treatments based onBordeaux mixtureare for preventive purposes: the Bordeaux mixture prevents the spores of downy mildew and other fungi from sticking to the plant which is thus protected.

It is useless to use this product in case of fungal disease already in progress: not being systemic it would not be able to eliminate the spores that have already penetrated into the plant tissues. Where to buy Bordeaux mixture? This product is marketed under various names such as, for example, "blue paste" in reference to the color of copper. On Amazon, a very good one
Copper-based anticryptogamic is offered at a price of about 16 euros including shipping costs.

We recommend applying it between autumn and winter.

The sulfur

To prevent the appearance of fungal diseases in the vegetable garden, another very useful product allowed in organic farming is sulfur. It is mainly used to prevent powdery mildew. It is commercially available in the form of powder to be distributed on plants with a bellows or in a wettable form, that is, to be diluted in water and sprayed on the plants. Sulfur is widely used against fungal diseases of the vine.

Horsetail Macerate

It is a natural remedy forfungal diseases in the vegetable gardenvery ancient. Equisetum arvense is the plant best known as "Horsehair". It grows spontaneously on the edges of ponds and streams. It is a natural fungicide and can be used fresh or dry. The macerate, more or less diluted, must be applied both to prevent a fungal disease in the garden and to counteract a disease in progress.

It is widely used as a natural insecticide and also to restore land contaminated by viruses, bacteria and other parasites.

-To prevent fungal diseases in the vegetable garden

Against imushrooms in the vegetable garden, you can prepare a DIY horsetail infusion by collecting 500 grams of fresh leaves or using 80 grams of already dried leaves. Leave the leaves to infuse in 5 liters of water for 48 hours. Dilute themaceration broth70% with water: for every 700 ml of horsetail infusion, add 300 ml of water. Spray on the plants to be treated and repeat every 7 - 10 days.

-To fight fungal already underway

Prepare the horsetail macerate as seen above, then mix 50% with a macerate of tansy (which is prepared in the same way). Spray every 7 - 10 days on plants affected by fungal disease or by the attack of other parasites.

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