Central Asian Shepherd

Central Asian Shepherd

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Central Asian Shepherd, a dog that takes care of the flock, and defends it, but not only. It is a breed recognized by the FCI which set the standard in 1989. At home, in its homeland, Russia, it is called среднеазиатская овчарка Sredneaziatskaâ ovčarka and belongs to the category of Pinscher and Schnauzer type dogs. molossoids.

To distinguish the Central Asian Shepherd from the other large-sized Molossian colleagues, there are some characteristics that are all his or particularly evident in him: a marked one territoriality, a high ability to protect what is entrusted to it, a strong sense of protection towards children and a kind respect for the elderly.

Central Asian Shepherd: origins

The Central Asian Shepherd is a breed created in the ex-USSR starting from dogs three other breeds with very similar specimens. Are these: Alabai, Tobet and Torkuz, respectively from Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. These are precisely the areas where it was born and where it is currently most widespread.

From its inception on the Central Asian Shepherd it has lived isolated and in climatic conditions that are difficult to bear, so it has not undergone particular morphological changes and has only developed to become more and more able to stay in the cold and do his duty as guardian of the flock. And also of land and villages.

Throughout history these dogs have also been used as auxiliaries in warfare, following the Assyrian Babylonians, of the Sumerians and Phoenicians and in much more recent times have emerged alongside the forces of order, of the Russian police, helping her in the patrol of the borders and in patrolling operations.

Central Asian Shepherd: appearance

The Central Asian Shepherd it has an indicated weight that dances from 50 to 65 kg, for males, 10 kg less for females, but in any case they too are demanding and undoubtedly powerful animals. The height at the withers is 60-65 cm.

The physical structure of the Central Asian Shepherd it is strong and rustic, with a strong bone and a broad skull where the eyes seem even smaller than they are, and very round. The ears are triangular and hanging, not huge, the tail of the Central Asian Shepherd it is long and sickle-shaped. He has a gentle expression and the whole of his figure is harmonious, the hair is thick, hard and smooth. The Central Asian Shepherd it is a dog with a woolly and dense undercoat, and it is understandable knowing in what climatic conditions it grew up, on the other hand all colors are allowed.

Central Asian Shepherd: character

In addition to giving it some peculiar physical characteristics, its isolated and cold growth gave it to Central Asian Shepherd also special character traits. He is undoubtedly strong and independent but balanced. He has the right cards to be an excellent guardian and defender, even without being trained because he shows fearless and reactive as soon as he senses a threat of danger.

This does not mean that the Central Asian Shepherd is aggressive "at random", never in an unjustified way, indeed in the family he is reliable and affectionate, always looking for a bond and moments of close contact with those he has identified as master.

Central Asian Shepherd: puppies

The puppies of Central Asian Shepherd they need some tricks to grow a strong, healthy and independent animal as we have described it. From an educational point of view, the socialization, especially in the first year of life and especially with other dogs.

If he is accustomed from the beginning to meet different people and other animals and to immerse himself in various situations, the Central Asian Shepherd does not develop shyness or grumpiness. Always at the level of education, it is a dog that immediately understands the commands and just a sharp "no" without too much talk.

Always in the first months of life, thesupply. Balanced and not poor, given that cases of bone failure may arise with the onset of various dysplasias in both the elbow and hip. Very annoying and painful, difficult even for the owners of the Central Asian Shepherd.

Central Asian Shepherd: breeding

The Central Asian Shepherd, from Russia, wherever you take him, he remains a very rustic dog. So it goes without saying that it does not need to be brushed a lot, it should be fed well, generously, being careful that it does not get fat but has the energy it needs, also counting the great mass. He can sleep outdoors as he has been used to colder climates for centuries, just don't isolate him but make sure he spends hours with family members.

Central Asian Shepherd: price

A puppy of Central Asian Shepherd has a price that can vary from 500 to 1,000 euros, depends on the breeding and on the dog itself, on its characteristics. It does not have a strong diffusion in Europe, much remains in its areas.

The Central Asian Shepherd remains suitable for companion dog activities, watchdog, as a defense and as a guardian of the herd, while Agility Dog, Fly ball, Freestyle and Obedience are not his specialties.

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