Behavior of cats

Behavior of cats

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Behavior of cats, the most varied and whimsical, knowing them, just to be at the center of attention. But sometimes also very predictable. Like when they are jealous or offended. And especially when they go into heat. Then there are someAbnormal behavior that makes us worry and others that make us smile. Heroic is the behavior of cats as cats.

Cats are demanding, for example, with themselves but also with us. Anyone who thinks that there is a lot of work to do with a dog while not with a cat, is wrong. It is true that with the feline there is no obligation to walk for the poor but a cat in the house wants a lot of attention and very pampering: a real commitment but he does not compromise.

Cats are nocturnal animals and there is no way to convince them to stay still at night, it is better to abdicate and organize themselves in order to leave them free to do as they wish. He wants to hunt: it is part of the behavior of cats which is automatic, as a feline, as is the feline daytime nap.

They also love to simulate and pretend hunting actions and ambushes: this behavior of cats don't tell me you've never seen it. It is very funny and comes from theirs solitude than their fellow men. Often they are alone in the house, the cats, and then they invent imaginary friends.

A cat craze, more than a behavior of cats, it is positioning oneself at the top and in protected areas, niches, shelves, but at the top: it is to keep underneath I control the territory and enjoy a wide view. At the same time they feel safe from any dangers. Other cat crazes are knead everything what is soft, with a gesture that recalls the moment of feeding, and pretending not to get attached but to do it. And how.

Behavior of cats alarming

A behavior of cats strange or abnormal it can become alarm bell for the presence of a malaise. Without worrying too much, it is good to understand when you can think that it is cat manias and when instead a certain behavior of cats it has a meaning related to health.

If cats they stop eating, this is worrying and within 72 hours the feline must be visited otherwise it will begin to take energy from its fat reserves. A bad health problem. The opposite is also a problem, and always a health problem. If the behavior of cats it leads them to eat more, and also drink more and urinate more, therefore, one hypothesis is that they have diabetes. A check by the vet is always required.

It can happen by observing the behavior of cats, that you notice them suddenly losing vitality and enthusiasm. If we find them suddenly apathetic and slow, and abnormally reserved, they may have some discomfort and it is best to take them to their vet. This also happens when they sneeze very often or if they go to the toilet too often.

Behavior of offended cats

The Decalogue that ideally describes the behavior of offended cats says they have to turn their backs. We humans think that he is "sulking" or that he has combined one prank per which he was scolded and now shut up.

In truth, whoever knows the behavior of cats he knows that it is not haughtiness at all but total submission. Back cats declare their social inferiority towards us. Also if you have one, don't have your eyes on yourself, turning your back, it is something that reassures.

Behavior of jealous cats

The behavior of cats who are jealous of another who comes in the house they are varied and unpredictable but there are. They are not as indifferent as they seem, it is not true that they do not care, that they reign so much. Cats worry yes, they could become suspicious or intrusive, temperamental or depressed.

What is certain is that in most cases they are used to being at the center ofAttention of the family and therefore a new arrival cannot but affect the behavior of cats.

For better or for worse. Cats from dominant character they may start whistling and scratching, being aggressive, and never being approached. Cats with more reserved behaviors may hide, step aside saddened. The idea is to obtain be pampered all the time and in an exclusive way.

Behavior of cats in heat

It is perhaps among the best known, by now, the behavior of cats in heat, but let's summarize the salient features. Cats in heat engage in repeated vocalizations, day and night, even of strong intensity. They feel it, and it's not easy to silence them. The male cat sometimes begins to spray urine on every corner and it is urine from the very strong musky smell.

The behavior of female cats it is more silent: they lift their asses, scratch, rub. There are those who see the anomalies and are worried, but the behavior of cats a little strange is sometimes just theOnset of heat which will lead them to be much more weird. Almost without their knowledge.

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