How to make the carnation cutting

How to make the carnation cutting

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How to make the carnation cutting: right period, cultivation and tips for a quick rooting. Tips for getting lots of strong and lush carnation cuttings and growing tips.

Startcultivate the carnation by cuttingsit's very simple. The carnation cuttings they can be used to create colored flower beds, for growing in pots or, again, to have a reserve of flowers to cut.

THEcarnationsbelong to the genusDianthus of the Caryophyllaceae family. These are perennial, biennial and annual herbaceous plants, appreciated for their abundant flowering that can go up to four years. To obtain abundant blooms, in the autumn period, it is important to multiply the carnations by cuttings. There cutting it is an easy-to-take multiplication method.

How to grow carnations

Betweencarnationsmost appreciated are those of the speciesDianthus caryophyllus, Dianthus barbatusisdianthus chinensis.

ThecarnationDianthus caryophyllusit is a bushy perennial species that reaches a height of about 70 -80 cm. Thiscarnationit blooms from the end of spring until autumn; for thecultivationprefers bright and sunny locations. It adapts well to any soil as long as it is well drained.

Dianthus chinensis (pictured below) is also acarnationperennial. Its flowers are gathered in small bunches of shades ranging from pink to red. Its flowers bloom all summer. It does not tolerate stagnation of water and for thecultivationneeds a sunny place.

Dianthus barbatus (in the first photo above) is known as "the carnation of poets", it is a perennial herb, although it is very often grown as an annual plant, renewed from year to year with multiplication by cuttings. It reaches a maximum height of 30 cm and, thanks to its size, it is particularly well suited for the cultivation of low flower beds or flower borders. The small flowers are very lively and gathered in bunches; they bloom from spring and continue until the end of summer, in favorable conditions the flowering continues until autumn. For cultivation, it needs a sunny position. Like the previous species, also in this case no care is necessary for the soil, as long as it is well drained.

How to make the carnation cutting

To obtaincuttingsstrong and easy to take root, it is necessary to take them from healthy plants. It is equally necessary to continue in the right way and place the cuttings in the suitable substrate. Here's how to cultivate the carnations for cuttings.

Carnation cutting, the period: October - November.
In general, the best time to multiply thecarnation by cuttings it's autumn.

  • 1). Choose a plant ofcarnationhealthy, free of parasites. Pick up the strongest flower stems that have 4 or 5 pairs of leaves. The carnation cuttings they must have a length of about 10 cm.
  • 2). The cuttings must be taken with a sharp knife, the cut must be longitudinal in order to obtain a greater surface of callus to facilitate the rooting.
  • 3). Remove the basal leaves just below a knot and cut the remaining leaves in half.
  • 4). To stimulate rooting, use a substrate made from a mixture of sand and peat. Fill a large pot (caisson or container) with substrate and bury themcuttingsat a distance of about 4 cm from each other.
  • 5). Fix thecarnation cuttingsin a well-lit place. For the first two weeks you will need to water them every day. Only after 3 - 4 weeks will it be possible to transplantcarnation cuttingsin single pots with a diameter of 6 cm.
  • 6). The jars can be filled with common soil. Grow in a glass box or greenhouse until the moment of planting.

Small curiosity: the meaning of the Carnation

What does carnation mean in the language of flowers?
The carnationit is a simple flower that symbolizes dignity, virtue and nobility. Anyway the meaning carnationcan change according to color. Eternal fidelity is proclaimed with a white carnation, doubts and uncertainties are expressed with a yellow carnation. The pink carnation is a message of tenderness and affection while the red one expresses burning passion.

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