American Bully: character, origins, standards and price

American Bully: character, origins, standards and price

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American Bully it has a funny name and an equally peculiar appearance, it is a very recent breed and, as the name suggests, all American, not recognized by theAKC but recognized by several other ad hoc associations such as the ABKC (American Bully Kennel Club) and the EBKC (European Bully Kennel Club).

The features that make theAmerican Bully are the many muscles and the meek character and, above all, the fact that in this dog the two aspects coexist amiably. Miracles from overseas, perhaps.

It is not included in the category of working dogs due to the peculiar physical conformation and the considerable muscle mass that preclude the resistance and agility necessary to be considered in this way. However, nothing can make us deny that theAmerican Bully can be great watchdog and also as a companion. It is a breed that is also very suitable for children with whom it is affectionate and helpful.

American Bully: origins

The breed was born in America in the 90s as a cross between Amstaff and Staffy. The idea was to create a dog that combined endurance, strength and warrior spirit. So tenacious, courageous and tempered, with a great psychic balance and with a very low aggressiveness. The first specimens in the United States they are seen both in the East and West Coast, and mainly in Virginia, Los Angeles and California. Today there is also in Europe and Asia.

American Bully: character

Despite the mass, theAmerican Bully he is by no means an intrusive dog and, even at home, he can be discreet and never intrusive. With humans it is a dog that obeys a lot, indeed it tries in every way to please the adoptive family by showing itself extremely loyal and affectionate.

They are characteristics inherited from one of the two ancestors, l'American Pit Bull Terrier, while the lovable and sociable behavior is attributed to American StaffordShire Terrier, said Amstaff . Our American Bulluy remains a dog suitable for families with children.

American Bully standard

Inevitable and recognizable in the standard ofAmerican Bully is the shape of the head, and its size. The skull and muzzle are massive and this dog, seen from the front, looks like a brick. The nose is large, of any color but with open nostrils that give the dog an air of slightly anitpatic gymnast.

Fortunately, there are almond-shaped eyes to mitigate the effect. The standard ofAmerican Bully describes a compact, powerful massive and very muscular body, with very broad chest, well-rounded thighs from muscles and tail set up, tapering at the tip.

The hair of theAmerican Bully it is shiny and smooth, hard to the touch, of all possible colors except merle. As for size, the height at the withers for the standard is between 43 and 51 cm, females range from 40 to 48 cm at the withers.

American Bully XL

Note the rule, and the numbers, of the standard, here is the deception. It is not a deception, but here are the exceptions: different sizes that create different variations of the American Bully. The XL variant, as expected, sees specimens that at the withers have heights over 51 cm for males and over 48 for females. Specifically, the range of 51-57 cm is reached for the former and that between 48 and 54 cm for the females.

American Bully Pocket

Conversely, we can lower the claims and lean towards a American Bulldog small size. It is not a question of being satisfied, sometimes they are logistical needs, others are temperamental, still others may prefer small dogs. In any case there is a American Bully small breed which, at the withers, measures from 37 to 43 cm and for females it drops up to 35 cm, maximum 39.

Among the variants there is also theAmerican Bully Extreme: at the same height of the standard these are dogs that are more massive and powerful, more impressive in physical appearance.

American Bully: breeding

They are not very numerous, not being an official breed, but there is no lack of breeding American Bully also because he is still loved. For those who want one, know that in order to breed it, it is necessary, with attention and obedience, to make it socialize immediately with other dogs. L'American Bully however, it is a docile dog, it is easily trainable and almost never shows off an aggressive behavior towards humans and other dogs.

American Bully: price

The expense is not negligible, that required to have a dog like this. Let's start with 900 euros up to over 1,500 euros. It is not cheap but not an exaggerated figure if you compare it with the prices of other dogs of similar size and popularity. The price, in this case, is also linked to the law of the market. This dog is not widespread, not yet, at least, in Italy, but I imagine it will soon be and the prices will change because it seems to thrill. And fans, if convinced, are willing to spend a lot to get a American Bully all for himself.

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