Broad bean flour

Broad bean flour

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Broad bean flour: nutritional properties and health effects, recipe for making bean curd at home and advice on use.

Therebean curdit is prepared starting from the seeds of the plants of the familyFabaceaeof the speciesVicia Faba. TheFava beansthey are enclosed within a pod, which is also edible. It is no wonder that the bean peel is edible, after all, the pod is botanically the real fruit of the plant.

The seed of the broad bean is enclosed in aintegument, a sort of external film designed to protect the seed. The integument is not digestible, which is why each seed, before the production of bean flour or before ingestion, it must beshelled.

How to make bean curd

Therebean curdit is obtained by grinding the dry seeds of the plantVicia fabavarietyMajor. Therebean curdcan be used for the preparation of a large number ofrecipes, from classic velvety tofresh fava bean flour pasta, without forgetting timbales, bean flour bread and various doughs.

To find out how to make bean curd, just follow the general instructions contained in the articleHow to make flour at home. TheFava beans, even if dried, they are very tender so the use of a mixer or a coffee grinder will suffice for production. The only concern consists in shell the beans(remove the outer integument) before inserting them into the device.

Recipe: fresh pasta with broad bean flour

As stated, thebean curdit can be used for the preparation of bread and pasta. For the recipe for fresh homemade pasta with bean curd, I refer you to the articlehow to make pasta at home,in which the fresh pasta process is explained in a generic way starting from different types of flours. For thepasta with bean curdyou can mix 250 grams ofbean flourwith 150 grams of re-milled semolina to be combined, according to your taste, with about 200 ml of already salted water, or with 4 organic eggs in the case of fresh egg pasta with bean curd. Keep in mind that fresh pasta made with bean curd is difficult toto preserve, of course, it is possible to freeze it but when you thaw it it will no longer taste the same as the fresh product, just mixed.

Cooking the bean peels

Like the broad beans, the pods are also very interesting nutritional properties. For the complete nutritional profile and some suggestions on recipes and uses in the kitchen, I refer you to the article recycle the bean peels.

Nutritional properties of bean curd

There bean curdincludes interestingnutritional properties. In the article dedicated to the properties of beans, we saw that there is a gap in terms of calories betweenfresh broad beansand thedried broad beans. The properties of thebean curdthey are very close to those of dried broad beans, so we have: 340 calories per 100 grams of product.

Excellent protein profile with the contribution of essential amino acids. A reduced intake of fat, in fact the bean curdit is low in lipids and has a preponderant percentage of carbohydrates, especially complex ones that tend to satiate longer. The percentage of carbohydrates is much lower than that of other flours. The amount of fiber is very high, a perfect figure for those who want to restore their intestinal flora and to regulate blood cholesterol levels.

Between nutritional propertieswe cannot omit the contribution of micronutrients such as vitamins and mineral salts. Among the mineral salts, thebean flourit is famous for providing a considerable amount of iron and a good concentration of phosphorus. It also provides a fair amount of calcium. Speaking of vitamins, thebean curdit is rich in vitamins B1, B2, PP, vitamin K and folate (which in our body are converted into folic acid which performs the function of vitamin B9). There is also a minimum supply of vitamin A and vitamin C.

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