Yellow vomit in dogs: what to do

Yellow vomit in dogs: what to do

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Yellow vomit in the dog: one of the occurrences that worries the most, the bosses, a little wrongly. Of course, nothing should be taken lightly but it is necessary to clarify some points and see clearly on the yellow vomit in the dog. Let's start by taking a step back: the He retched is a forced emission, through the mouth, with contraction of the abdominal muscles, of the gastric contents, esophageal, and sometimes intestinal.

We must learn, even before understanding and recognizing the yellow vomit in the dog, distinguish vomiting from regurgitation. The He retched is an active process, with retching and saliva in the mouth and running from the lips, the regurgitation it is passive and linked to pathologies of the esophagus that cause liquid to stay in the esophagus itself.

Once you understand that it is He retched, you can tell the vet about the physical characteristics. For example, you have the yellow vomit in the dog. In any case we observe smell, color and compactness of the substance emitted and the duration also connected with the consumption of water or food.

We come to "our" yellow vomit in the dog: the thing that the veterinarian usually assumes, a little by default, is that it comes from duodenal origin and inherent in the little practicability of the pylorus.

Often, however, we get confused and alarmed for nothing, connecting the color yellow of the vomit to a possible intoxication or to a poisoning. Maybe by chance our dog has ingested some strange substance?

It's okay to ask yourself and worry, especially if you have a dog like mine. A Bernese Mountain Dog who brushes everything he finds, at home as elsewhere. On the road ingests everything and it is true that if I were faced with yellow vomit in the dog I would be worried. Now we know it's not the most terrible of possibilities. If the vomit is yellow vomit in the dog, then it could have been worse.

One of the things to be sure of is that if we see the yellow vomit in the dog, it is necessary to change the animal's diet. We pass from yellow to yellowish-brown but it is always about gastric vomiting. It can also be due to nutritional errors, especially if it does not contain solid pieces of food.

Yellow vomit in dogs: what to do

In general in the case of yellow vomit in the dog, and even not yellow, the most immediate advice is to remove food and water. This only applies if the vomiting passes within a few days, otherwise an animal cannot be left like this.

If in the short term the yellow vomit in the dog it does not pass, but continues for several days, so it is better to contact the veterinarian, in the meantime feed him and, however, be careful that he does not eat the grass: it irritates the intestine a lot and the nausea would not stop. If not on the advice of the veterinarian, never improvise the administration of drugs. Although they are good for humans, they are not necessarily suitable for treating yellow vomit in dogs.

Splitting the meal into several times of the day can be a more specific remedy for yellow vomit in the dog. This is in order not to overload the gastrointestinal system of the animal which, under stress, instead produces excessive gastric juices which then go to cause the yellow vomit in the dog.

The quantity should not necessarily be decreased but divided into two or three daily rations. This may already be a solution on its own. Another tip against the yellow vomit in the dog is to give the animal between meals, morsels of stale bread or similar foods. That they are therefore solid and able to counteract the excess of gastric juices, breaking the fast.

A change of diet, deviating towards a more unbalanced diet towards the use of croquettes, rather than wet food, is another way to go in front of the yellow vomit in the dog. In any case, whatever path you choose, never do it yourself with drugs, very dangerous, and never give milk or derivatives to the dog that is so sick.

If these are the "not to do anyway" things, let it be that of yellow vomit in the dog, or another color, if there are others that need to be done, in any case. For example, always leaving one available to our friend bowl of fresh watera to prevent dehydration and take care to restore its intestinal flora perhaps with products that help the formation of good intestinal flora.

Whatever the cause of the yellow vomit in the dogHowever, it is better to fix the intestine which, as a result of the symptom, may need it. Finally, prefer a diet as free of chemicals as possible, always balanced and varied, always vaccinate the dog and make sure that it is not affected internal parasites, keep it away from garbage or spoiled food and be careful that it does not drink from puddles.

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