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Dust mites: do dust mites sting? They are visible? Info on the life cycle, remedies, allergy symptoms and everything you need to know about dust mites.

Thedust mitesthey are not visible to the human eye, they do not sting and are not felt, yet they are there and the signs are clear: according toProvince of Bellunothey are responsible for 47% of allergies with respiratory symptoms. L'allergy to mites dust may occur, in rare cases, with itching and skin rashes.

Dust mites, asthma and allergies

Since 1921 it has been hypothesized that the dust could contain allergens capable of triggering episodes of asthma, sinusitis and other respiratory problems. Only more recently has the origin of these allergens been identified: the dust mites, or rather, the enzymatic product of the digestion of the powder. The dust mites they feed on the organic residues present in the home.

To feed and digest these residues, they produce enzymatic substances, these are what trigger the allergy to dust. To understand the extent of the problem it is enough to understand how many dust mites we host at home: it is estimated from 100 to 500 specimens of mites for every gram of dust! The numbers are even more impressive when you think that in a period of 10 weeks, a single dust mite can produce approximately 2,000 fecal particles and an even greater number of partially digested dust particles and therefore covered by the enzymes responsible for theallergy to mites. For further information: Dust mites allergy and symptoms.

Pictures of dust mites

On this page you will notice several photos of dust mites, these are enlargements or images obtained with a scanning microscope. The size of dust mites is so small that it cannot be seen with the naked eye.

The size of adust mitethey are 0.2 - 0.3 mm in length. For accurate identification and to make the dust mite better visible, a 10 x magnifying glass may be needed.

The life cycle of the dust mite

The entire life cycle of dust mites takes place within 2-3 weeks. In this period of time, the egg hatches, an adult individual is formed that reproduces. Adults have an average life span of 2-4 months (approximately 160 days for females and 80 days for males). During the life cycle, the mites can reproduce once or twice, laying a total of 20 to 50 eggs.

Dust mite bites?

Those looking for info ondust mite bites will not find anything on the web because, as specified in the introduction, the dust mites do not sting, the signs affecting the skin can be traced back to bed bug bites, rashes related to the presence of mites, to a simple dermatitis ... the causes can be many. If you woke up with strange marks on your skin, I recommend that you consult your dermatologist.

Dust mites in the house

Thedust mitesthey grow in places in the home that can provide a good source of food and shelter, namely carpets, pillows and mattresses. You may naively think that your pillows, as well as mattresses are dust-free, are actually the most favorable environments for the proliferation of mites because they feed on dandruff and other dead skin cells. What do dust mites eat?

  • peeling of human skin
  • mushrooms
  • molds
  • bodies and fragments of insects (wings or legs of flies, organic residues of cockroaches ...)
  • pollen grains
  • bacteria

The powder contains all the organic substances just mentioned.

Dust mites, remedies

The dust mites they live well at domestic temperatures, withstand strong fluctuations in humidity (adult individuals) and a dehumidifier is not enough to eliminate them.

For eliminate dust mites the air purifiers, the acaricides and a correct and assiduous domestic hygiene.

L'use of acaricides, according to clinical observations, it can be very useful. Acaricides are able to prevent allergies related to dust and mites present in the home environment, they are simple to use and also cheap. Among the acaricides on the market we point out the Inspired dust mite spray, on Amazon, a 500 ml bottle is offered at a price of 11.36 euros. Free shipping is offered for those who buy at least two. Each acaricide treatment offers protection for six months.

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