Black tea: properties and blends

Black tea: properties and blends

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Black tea: properties of black tea infusion and other alternative uses. Differences between black tea, green tea and white tea, health benefits and consumption advice.

In the Japanese culture and more generally, in the Asian one, thetenderis known by the name ofred tea (in JapaneseKocha 紅茶, in Korean hongcha 홍차 and Begali Lal cha লাল চা). The namered teagoes to indicate the color of the tea infusion while the name tender indicates the color of well oxidized tea leaves.

Differences between black tea, white tea and green tea

Thetenderit has a more intense and marked flavor. Let's clarify immediately which black tea, white tea and green tea they are all derived from the same plant, theCamellia sinensis, differ in the degree of oxidation of the leaves. The infusion ofred tea(black tea) has a stronger flavor because it is made from very oxidized leaves. While green tea usually loses its aroma and flavor within a year, thetenderit can also be kept for several years. Green tea, especially in Italy, has seen an increase in sales in recent years caused by the spread of its alleged health benefits. Despite the timid surge in green tea, the best-selling tea in the Western world remains thetender.

Mixtures based on tender: the great classics

The so-calledEarl gray teanothing else is thattenderenriched with bergamot extracts. Other great classics such as English Breakfast tea and English afternoon tea are nothing more than blends based on black tea. English Breakfast tea is an even more robust and full-bodied blend of black tea, so that it can be better mixed with milk and sugar. The 5 pm English tea is medium-bodied, it is a blend of tender given by Assam tea and Kenyan black tea that blend with Ceylon tea to give a more lively touch to the blend.

How to consume the tender?
Black tea can be enjoyed "natural" or combined with other drinks, an example is theMasala chai.Masala chai is a drink made fromtenderwith spices, milk and a sweetener (maple syrup, brown sugar or honey), it is a traditional Indian drink.

The tender more valuable

There are many many types of black tea and are usually named after the region of origin. In general, we can say that thetendermore valuable is the one with intact leaves because it is produced with no leaf alteration.

The tender with whole leaves it is even more valuable if the tips of the leaves remain intact. The powders contained in the tea bags are often the waste from the processing of the finest intact leaves. Black tea bags usually result in a less sweet infusion with an even stronger flavor.

The properties of black tea

The consumption oftenderit may be associated with a reduced risk of stroke. Research published in 2014 concluded that regularly consuming tea may slightly lower blood pressure (systolic and diastolic), contrary to what is imagined considering the fact that thetendercontains caffeine.

Shortly before, in 2013, a study on the consumption of tender long-term: according to the results, thetenderwould be able to lower the concentration of cholesterol (LDL) in the blood.

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Does black tea make you lose weight?

Thetenderit contains caffeine and negligible amounts of calories. Among the alleged beneficial effects oftendermany argue that this drink may contain slimming properties. As with green tea, there is no clinical evidence to prove the alleged slimming effects, however it is plausible to think that tea consumption can have a positive impact on metabolism. For further information:how to speed up the metabolism.

Types of tea

As stated, black tea is just one of the many varieties of tea. For information on the properties, flavor and characteristics of other teas, please refer to the page:Types of tea.

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