Sun shielding films

Sun shielding films

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Sun shielding films: the potential, the results obtained and information on correct installation. Information on solar shielding films for glass doors and windows.

Thesolar shielding filmsthey are able to drastically reduce the heat produced by solar radiation and transmitted indoors through windows and windows. The shielding films of the latest generation are able to reduce up to 50 percent of the costs associated with the use of the existing cooling system. It is for this reason that, with well insulated windows equipped with solar shielding films, we can speak of high fixtures energy efficiency.

In addition to reducing the costs of the energy bill, theshielding filmsoffer a further advantage, that of reducing glare linked to the incidence of sunlight directly on the glass. Theshielding filmsthey are nothing more than thin films capable of spreading the sun's rays evenly, thus reducing reflections and the glare effect. The "anti-glare" effect is even more appreciated in offices or in rooms equipped with video terminals (computer displays, televisions, video projectors ...). With the choice of shielding films of quality and the right installation, the reflection effect andblunderon the video terminals and reduced by 84%.

Many called themsolar shielding filmsbecause these films are able to absorb up to 99% of UV rays, reducing the color change, an effect known to housewives with the common name ofwhitening(phenomenon that affects curtains, fabrics, paper, parquet floors and wooden laminates).

To understand the advantages of installingshielding filmswe report practical examples: the managers ofMilan fair(Rho, Milan) have well thought out to cover the windows of the offices facing south with the latest generation of sunscreen films. In the height of summer, when the sun was beating strongly on the windows of the offices, the external temperature measured on the windows was 33 ° C, thanks to the external films, the internal glass had a thermal gradient of 9 degrees with a surface temperature of the internal windows of 24 ° C against 33 ° C detected on the external surface. The overall intervention seen at the south side ofMilan fairsaw the installation of external shielding films on a total area of ​​2,800 square meters with an energy reflection capacity of 94 percent compared to 100% incident on the windows. The estimated solar factor is 0.06.

With the installation of theshielding films for windows various benefits are obtained on the management of the internal microclimate, thus ensuring greater domestic (or working) comfort as well as consistent energy savings.

The shielding films against the greenhouse effect

When we talk about the greenhouse effect we refer to that atmospheric-climatic phenomenon that indicates the earth's ability to retain heat from the sun in its atmosphere. In offices, schools and homes there is another greenhouse effect that makes the microclimate rather unpleasant. In this context, the electromagnetic wave projected by the sun passes through, by radiation, the transparent surfaces of windows and windows and is transformed into heat.

We talk about the greenhouse effect because the infrared causes a strong increase in the temperature inside buildings. Heat that is unlikely to dissipate through the windows themselves, especially if they are well insulated (double and triple glazing ...) and which therefore causes an increase in the activity of the air conditioners.

The shielding films they are a practical, economical and ecological type of solar shading. The thickness of theshielding filmsit varies a lot according to the products on the market, the best glass screen films see a thickness from 75 to 200 microns. The shielding films they can also play a safety role: if the glass were to break, no cutting splinters would be produced. Or, they can be of the "privacy" type, with physical-optical characteristics to prevent the view from inside the building.

Theanti-sun filmsthey are easy to install even with DIY, however, installation by a specialized company is especially suitable for shieldthose windows that are difficult to reach and in elevated positions. Theanti-sun filmsthey can be darkening films, mirror films, selective spectrum films, filter films orthermal sun protection films. For correct installation, some specialized companies carry out a silicone seal to guarantee a greater seal of the film itself, guaranteed even 10 years.

For small windows and bay windows you can try the solar shielding films proposals below.

Price: 74.90 euros
Roll size: 152cm x 500cm
Heat transmittance: 8%
Heat reflectance: 63%
Heat absorption: 31%
Visible light transmitted: 5%
UV protection: 98%

It is a self-adhesive film with a very marked mirror effect, so much so that together with the heat it is able to shield even a very small part of the incoming light.

Anti-sun mirror film, scratch-proof
It is a mirror effect film that protects against UV rays. The price is 40.50 euros and for the full description we refer you to the official product page on Amazon.

How are window shielding films applied? The application is simple and in both cases the manufacturer provides a video tutorial with instructions. Even if the instructions are not in Italian, understanding is not difficult. The manufacturer recommends the use of water but given the experience of the users, to better handle the film, the use of soap and water is recommended.

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