Homemade aloe juice

Homemade aloe juice

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The homemade aloe juice can hide pitfalls, in fact there are many recommendations for proceeding with do-it-yourself preparation of aloe juice.

First of all thehomemade aloe juiceit is prepared from aloe gel and not from real aloe juice. This is because the aloe juice contained at the base of each leaf is rich in a substance called aloin with a strong purgative power, the aloe vera juice must be collected and used only by expert herbalists.

In the industrial field, the aloe vera juice undergoes a treatment that sees the elimination of most of the aloin and aloemodin. The risk involved in the prepare aloe juice at home consists of an overdose of these substances that can poison the body.

Where is aloe juice extracted from?

In the industrial field, to extract thealoe juicethe entire tuft of the plant is cut and with an ad hoc process all the juice contained at the base of the leaves is collected. In the home, if we cut an aloe vera leaf near the stem, you will notice, at the base of the leaf itself, some droplets of yellowish liquid, this is the aloe juice.

Warning!Thisaloe juiceabsolutely not to be ingested! As stated, it is a strong purgative and it is not recommended to use it at home for the preparation of DIY aloe vera juices: can cause intestinal ulcers and irritation.

Homemade aloe juice

Thealoe juicehomemadeis obtained fromaloe vera gel.Once you have cut the aloe leaves, always remove a good part of the base so as not to risk taking the realaloe juice. There are strong precautions to be followed when preparing thealoe vera juicestarting from the aloe gel: the purgative substances are found throughout the plant's parenchyma, this means that they are found under the entire covering tissue of the leaf (leaf epidermis).

Take an aloe vera leaf, remove the base and the lateral thorns. Remove the entire upper covering (the epidermis). With a spoon, remove the aloe gel. Blend the aloe gel to obtain ajuiceliquid ready to drink. Also in this case, it is advisable not to ingest pure aloe juice but to dilute it with other fruit juices or with water.

Aloe vera juice: doses, properties and where to buy it

For the recommended dosages, the beneficial effects, properties and any contraindications of the juice and aloe vera gel, I refer you to the articleAloe vera to drink.

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