Above ground irrigation systems

Above ground irrigation systems

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L'irrigation artificial ensures the water needed by our vegetable garden or garden in periods of high summer drought. A irrigation system it can be made drip, above ground or underground, but at the base of all types of systems there is a common and very important aspect, which system to choose according to your irrigation needs.

On the market there are different types of above ground sprinklers, from the most technological to those rather practical to use. Among the most popular devices we have lances, guns, static and rotating sprinklers, or oscillating irrigation systems. Let's see in detail the characteristics of these devices.

Above ground irrigation systems, which one to choose

  • Guns and spears

The guns are rather practical devices, they can adjust the intensity of the water. The most sophisticated models
they are equipped with two different jets: concentrated jet or flat fan jet.

The lances are also equipped with four different jets: shower, for lawn and borders, nebulized, for delicate flowers, aerated to water the roots without splashing water elsewhere and concentrated, when needed for washing. The more sophisticated models have a telescopic extension system to comfortably water even the most difficult to reach spaces.

  • Static sprinklers

The static sprinklers deliver finely vaporized water to a circular area. With this technique it becomes easy to water a small green space in a practical, uniform way and without stagnation.

  • Rotating sprinklers

Rotating sprinklers are suitable for watering large green areas. Irrigation takes place through two or more arms that rotate making a complete circumference or the preset angle. The water jet reaches the vegetation as if it were natural rain, they can deliver staggered jets, creating suggestive water games. The choice between the different types of sprinklers available on the market must always be made taking into account the shape and the waterable surface

  • Oscillating sprinklers

Oscillating sprinklers have an arm with which a suitable oscillating movement can be made. This device is indicated for watering on a rectangular surface where it is possible to adjust the width and extent of the jet. They can contain a number of nozzles that changes according to the model chosen. The oscillating sprinklers allow to obtain watering very similar to natural rain.

  • Impact or intermittent sprinklers

Impeller sprinklers are the best way to irrigate long distances; for large gardens, but also for cultivated fields and public green areas. The jet of water is stopped by a hammer, also called a deflector, which allows it to be redistributed more evenly even at long distances and on surfaces of a certain width. The rotation, which can be set as desired, allows water distribution from zero to 360 degrees: in this way it will be possible to cover the entire circular area, or certain sectors.

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