Labrador Retriever: character and price

Labrador Retriever: character and price

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Labrador Retriever, it always ends up being shortened to Labrador that's all, and they are one of the best known and most common dog breeds. Bred and selected since the nineteenth century, originally from the peninsula of the same name, the Labrador Retriever is a medium-sized dog, a great swimmer but also a great company.

His docility and intelligence have also made him perfect for activities such as assistance to the blind or even, recently, to the police. It is also excellent with children and always remains a skilled retriever, alongside hunters where it has always been and has always been appreciated.

Labrador Retriever: appearance

Muscular and medium-large size: it is that of Labrador Retriever that if male is 60/62 cm tall and weighs 31/40 kg while if female it does not exceed 56 cm and 34 kg. Very elegant and with a distinct gait, the Labrador Retriever it has a broad and pointed head on which a large and black nose stands out. The eyes, very sweet, are brown or hazelnut, the ears must hang down, a little triangular but rounded.

The neck and chest of the Labrador Retriever they are sturdy, they give security, the tail gets thinner and is covered with a thick hair. The allowed colors are black, brown ("Chocolate") and honey ("Champagne") and the Labrador Retriever it must always be “one color”.

It may happen, however, that in a litter of Labrador Retriever, there are puppies of various colors: it depends on three genetic factors that can be combined from time to time, also giving life to shades. In fact, referring to the official breed standard of the Labrador Retriever, are considered valid shades from cream to "fox red" for honey and from medium intensity brown to very dark brown for chocolates. Blacks remain black, without question.

Labrador Retriever: character

They respond perfectly to the stereotype that accompanies them: i Labrador Retriever they are dogs with a good temperament. They are intelligent, sociable, docile, calm and willing to learn and obey. They are not excellent hunting dogs because they are a bit "friends of everyone", even of those they do not know. But there are many advantages to having a dog like the Labrador Retriever, mild and affectionate up to the most unthinkable limit, does not bother and proves to be available, it is also rather sedentary compared to all other breeds of dogs of the same size or even smaller.

Labrador Retriever: activities

Known the character of the Labrador Retriever, it is easy to understand its main activities. It has always been a dog used in hunting, it was born as an excellent retriever and, thanks to its strong intelligence, it is also used in swamp hunting. In the past it was also active in "fishing" or rather on the boats of the fishermen of theNewfoundland island and of the Labrador peninsula, and then of Brittany and Normandy: he recovered the nets fallen into the water.

In continental Europe the role of Labrador Retriever instead it is mainly that of a companion dog. He is a quiet dog and when he grows up he is also perfect in an apartment, as a child he is manageable if he is often taken outside, being in general very obedient. Hence, as well as with children, the Labrador Retriever it is also used with the blind, as a guide, or as a utility dog ​​by the police and civil protection.

His exceptional flair makes him find explosives and hidden drugs, people who have disappeared under the snow and rubble. The Labrador Retriever make friends with everyone, welcome but don't count on him to guard or act as a bodyguard.

Labrador Retriever: history

The ancestors of the Labrador Retriever I am the St. John's dog, a shortened version of the Newfoundland that developed in Canada at the same time as it, and the "Cao de castro laboreiro". English fishermen on the island of Newfoundland from the seventeenth century began to breed the breed of Labrador Retriever which landed in England in the early 1800s.

Gradually the breed has been carefully selected by some English nobles and here is that the Earl of Malmesbury in 1885 sports at his side Buccleuch Avon, the first example of Labrador Retriever, black. For the former Labrador Retriever white we only have to wait 4 years, and here is Ben of Hyde, although the diffusion of the new color arrives in the 1920s, then in the 1930s the Labrador Retriever "chocolate". As for official recognition, that of the Kennel Club arrives in 1903, the first standard of Labrador Retriever however, it dates back to 1916 and was modified in 1950, that of the FCI currently in force is from 1989.

Labrador Retriever: health

The life expectancy of a Labrador Retriever he is on average around 15 years old, it is important to follow him well from the food point of view because he is a dog at risk of obesity. He is greedy, he does not regulate himself, and if he becomes heavy he can also begin to suffer from a series of secondary problems.

To keep fit a Labrador Retriever it is not necessary to run wild, a few walks are enough. He loves being outdoors to hang out with your company. The health problems of which a Labrador Retriever most commonly suffer from hip and elbow dysplasia, and ear infections.

Those who prefer to train with the dog, can read the guide:How to run with the dog.

Labrador Retriever: puppies

If you want to buy a Labrador our advice is to buy it when it is still a puppy, possibly only after the first 10 weeks of life.

Labradors are very intelligent dogs that open quickly but at first you will need to have a little patience by educating your puppy without haste but with a constant presence in his life to avoid stress and bad behavior. The Labrador puppy will test your authority and patience but you will eventually succeed in creating a fantastic relationship.

Among the breeding farms that we can recommend, also for their willingness to provide you with some valuable advice to start the relationship with your dog in the best possible way, we recommend MyLabrador's, located in Modigliana (FC), an ENCI and FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) recognized kennel. with the affix “MYLABRADOR'S”, which offers wonderful labrador puppies born and raised in a healthy and stimulating environment through a path of neonatal (Biosensor) and sound stimulation (Sound Sociable).

Labrador Retriever: price

For a puppy of Labrador Retriever, so much is desired and so much is required, you would pay a lot, but usually the market figure is around 1,200 - 1,800 euros. Of course if the specimen is equipped with a health card, well kept, with microchip and healthy.

The color of the hair in the breed of Labrador Retriever it shouldn't affect the priceyour health is much more important than other hereditary factors. It is important to verify that it is in good health, legally held and declared, with a microchip inserted and not less than 60 days. In the case of an imported specimen, it must have three months of life behind it.

Famous Labrador Retrievers

Everyone will think of advertising for a well-known brand of toilet paper, or almost, but if we dig deeper into our memory and our socio-literary-television culture, here are other examples of Labrador Retriever illustrious. There are the two of the former president of the United States Bill Clinton, Buddy and Seamus, and also Koni presidential, alongside the Russian Vladimir Putin.

Turning to TV, Brian Griffin, from the animated series Family Guy, is a Labrador Retriever white color Marley is too, the protagonist of the best-selling book "Me & Marley", written by John Grogan, which also inspired the film of the same name. For lovers of Labrador Retriever or for those who want to get to know them better before putting one in the house, I recommend both, especially the book, playful, ironic and affectionate. Like our big dog.

Labrador Retriever: video

To see the Labrador Retriever I propose you this beautiful video in which you can also provide more information on this splendid breed:

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