Tips for the conditioner

Tips for the conditioner

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The tropical heat arrives accompanied by the heat and the race starts conditioner. Those who have it put it into operation and those who don't have it run to buy it; in both cases, the air conditioning will be felt on the next electricity bill.

Here then, with the help of ENEA, a decalogue onefficient use of the air conditioner which will help us to optimize cooling without overheating our bills. Ten tips for the air conditioner, from purchase to use at home, signed by the experts of the Agency for Energy Efficiency.

Conditioner recommendations according to ENEA

  • Pay attention to the energy class. The first attention must be paid to the purchase phase. If you haven't bought one yet, choose a model in energy class A or higher: they cost more but consume much less.
  • Open for inverters. There is a very simple reason to prefer a model of air conditioner equipped with inverter technology: it adjusts the power to the actual need and reduces the on and off cycles. Which translates into savings.
  • Keep the incentives in mind. For the purchase of a heat pump, if it is intended to fully or partially replace the old heating system, you can take advantage of the Ecobonus. They are not petty, we are talking about a deduction from personal income tax which until 31 December 2015 will be 65 percent of the expenditure incurred. And then there is the 'thermal account', an incentive that varies according to the size of the system.
  • Take care of the installation. First of all the position: it is important to place the air conditioner at the top of the wall. The cold air that descends will mix more easily with the hot one that rises. Do not place the air conditioner behind sofas or curtains: the barrier effect blocks the diffusion of air.
  • Every room needs an air conditioner. It is wrong to install a powerful air conditioner in the corridor hoping that it will refresh the whole house: the only room to be cooled will be the corridor and, in addition to having no comfort benefits, you will risk getting a cold shot every time you pass from one room to another. other.
  • Close doors and windows. It seems trivial, but the most common mistake is to use the air conditioner with the doors and windows open, which reduces or even cancels its effectiveness.
  • Insulate the external pipes. If exposed directly to the sun, the refrigerant circuit pipes can be damaged. It is also good to make sure that the external part of the air conditioner is not exposed to the sun and bad weather.
  • Do not cool the environment too much. The internal temperature must be kept at a level of 2-3 degrees lower than the external one. Even the activation of the 'dehumidification' function alone will give excellent results because it is the humidity in the air that makes you perceive a much higher temperature than the real one.
  • Use the timer and night setting. In this way you will minimize the time it takes for the air conditioner to run.
  • Take care of cleaning and maintenance. Air filters and fans must be cleaned at the first seasonal start-up and at least every two weeks: this is where molds and bacteria that are harmful to health hide more easily. If the fans and fans are damaged, they must be replaced. Equally important is checking the tightness of the refrigerant gas circuit.

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